Monday , June 14 2021

Why Piranha Plant? Super Smash Bros. The latest creator explains why Masahiro Sakurai's basics include Mario Baddie

We only had heroes / heroin type fighters in the row … probably would not be very interesting. & # 39;

Most of the first reactions were probably Piranha Plant Super Smash Bros. When they saw that they would enter the Ultimate list, a DLC bonus was planned, "wait, really?"

There is no such character (the current list has more than 70 characters, includes all the previous fighters in the previous Smash list and has more DLCs), but there are other potential opportunities for fans to jump on and off computer screens, why developers they had to call that.

Piranha Landes definitely is not bad Call it an iconic template that is the most popular free game in the world and probably Super Smash Bros. older than the community.

Since the Piranha plant is so popular, it has been a key factor in online access. Masahiro, the founder of Sakurai, sat down for the Ultimate Game Informer game and addressed Piranha.

& # 39;[U]Some (not very well-known), unlike the main characters from franchises, all the characters of Piranha Plant know well. And I want to remind everyone that all fighters that offer limited time get them free as a first purchase bonus. "

Sakurai really appeared a bit "left", it seemed like a strange initial appearance, but the names of the house became Smash franchise.

"But I think it's important to have a good balance in the game. In the latest series titles, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O., and Duck Hunt Dog are examples of people's hopes.

"However, if we did not have these types of fighters, and we had the only typical" hero / hero "fighters, there is little difference. It may not be very interesting.

In addition, Piranha Plant, in terms of the last list, reveals before the release of the game. It might seem that it would be more appropriate for other bundles with more winning, but to say something about Sakura.

"I really do not feel a lot of new sorceress when we present a new fighter," he said after questioning how fans are revealing it. "Surprise item quickly disappears when the ad is made."

We've spent more time than we already liked than Smash Ultimat tells us, and we're still waiting for December 7 to play around. Even with all the wonderful content we know, we will continue to show the DLC series for 2020.

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