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1975: In brief survey In Online Relationships Album Review

I expect too much in 1975 Directed by director and lyricist, Matty Healy, names the name of an insurmountable abundance that the quartet made in the twelfth century: musically, referentially, emotionally, all. Did healy pop pills, lick koke, and rotate a revolver before lifting a comfort shop and kicking the back of the body but eventually absolutely fine! In the first video of "Robbers"? Did. Did they frustrate the title? I like it because you're sleepy, because you're so beautiful yet After the second album, it was enough to link sunblast synthesizers, plastic guitars and the confusing mix of neurosis millions. Of course. And they announced the new LP, Analysis of online contactA manifesto of 24 pages, Manic scribbles, which includes a technophobic survey of the contemporary existence of a dog named Healy: "THIS IDEA SHALL BE NECESSARY", the image of the care of a Healy dog, in common and our existence, is applied: "IT IS APPLIED WITH YOURSELF AND RIGHT, YES CAN CAN CLICK: Enter CART. & # 39; "Yes, yes, yes. End

Excessive circumstances such cases can be considered by conventional observers: What the hell do these guys do? This is reasonable. But it's too bad. Since 1975, the irrational unreasonable group is not unreasonable. Healy is a generation-based loudspeaker and has never encountered a contradiction that he has ever experienced to arrest the effects.

It's a 29-year-old pop star and embarrassed pop stardom pop. His charismatic part will perform on stage or in conversations and immediately he will flog himself, so his constant inner monologue fights within his skull. Five years ago, in order to calm her brain bite, she became a heroine and then rehab, and nowadays she is addicted. He is continuously continuously continuing to face the sense of our human being. Trump hates him, but Trump is about to die. Two British television children, who were treated to Sting's family-friendly visits. He also said, with a smile, that his "greatest fear" is "Sting." An atheist believes in something that he calls love.

Certainly, all of them are spectacular Short query. The album looks like a precedent in its unlimited sense of style, amazed by Afrobeats to jazz-balladry, like a trap remix of Bon Iver ayahuasca. But again I like it when you sleep Sometimes the mark can be very light and hard, Short queryHealy and George Daniel produced almost completely. This bon Iver type of freakout, "I Like America & America Likes Me", where Healy's voice becomes Auto-Tuned, becomes a fritz's advent. But the narrow listening and its bionic spying begin to be processed in a meaningful way, as readings of readings of a society that moves too fast. "I'm dying!" I will help myself! Mr. Healy was also surprised to stop responding to take a nap. It is not possible to finish the actual voice and put it in the place of digitized effects.

When the panoramic panorama of 1975 was bigger, when it was combined with people with cultural abilities, the album coincides with the triumph of the "Love It We Made It". The strange Anthem of our time really works: This is the mirror of our collective face, so close. In the gargance, the battery emits a path in front of it, Healy imitates an endless movement that slides down the refugees of the dead and the dead rappers according to the chronology. It brings together one of the most damned tweets every year "Thank you Kanye, very cool!"One of the best years of the year, at the same time, is not the current situation of Ye, it only fails in the news cycle, and Healy repeats the title track for a positive optimum chamber, but tells a story of his gasping plug, which ends with chronometric strings , remembering a clock that marks a second.

According to Ren Short queryIf there is a solution to face our apocalyptic, it exits, breaks the broken heart and looks for external connections. Still, Healy admits that the first one is harder than ever: The only wedding in the album suggests Siri cautiously about a troll that falls on the Internet. "The man who robbed the robot" "Fitter Happier" is a successful record, "Radiohead's doomsaying, robo-voiced nightmare Ok computer. It is placed on the bed of plumbing skills for practicing, just like a demented parody of Facebook merchants, as you try to get back into despair. In the end, Troll dies. The Internet does not.

Members of the 1975s began to play their emotions as an emo band, and all those who still touch it are taking away their unfeigned feelings. That's the main reason, even though the most dubious dabblings are the reasons, and the amount of their dilettantism is more than a bundle of stunts. Initially, with its bright and orangeish synthesis, "I could not have been more in love" seems to be a mere 80s, something that Michael Bolton could have cut across the yacht. But instead of dressing as a musician around him, Healy takes on slickness as a challenge and makes his whole album full of pleasure. A year later, a day after the rehabilitation was recorded, the voice was raped, when the four-year relationship ended, when the pilot stopped. When he scolded, "What happens These feelings I have had? "The elements are sounds, introducing new emo core and jarring.

They are directed by some pairs of albums, while they offer a tough composer, while the lives of the Manchester band and their lives are shaking. "Give it a try" are all guitars and staticy batteries, the classmates of Mancunians Joy Division and singer Ian Curtis have died at the age of 23. In the song, Healy looked back at what he did. He made it better and he had the opportunity to do it differently. He also mentioned a fan of 16-year-old 1975. "Did not you try yourself?" He asks for candy, again and again.

Short query "Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)" ends with a song that lasts most of 1975. Pumpkins popularized theaters one of Manchester's most powerful bands, Oasis, remind us of Glastonbury-leveling power. But this is more than a tribute. Healyk Oasis takes on a broad ambition and retirement from a classic song and turns it inside, with the word that confers mettle that only gets from the words that come with him. "There is no point to buy concrete shoes. I will refuse", he sang, overwhelmingly, for more reason: "If you can not survive, try it." It becomes life.

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