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2019 Mazda3 debut, first for Skyactiv-X motor technology


Mazda introduced the Mazda3 compact sedan and the fourth generation of hatchback on the eve of the 2018 Los Angeles auto show. New models have aesthetics, new driver's technology support, and will be the first vehicles of the new automotive Skyactiv-X motor vehicle that will be released next year.

& # 39; Less is more & # 39; design

For new Mazda3 sedans and hatchback models, the Mazda designers took a minimalist look. 3 profiles do not have character lines, hard rows or hard traces. Instead, Mazda generates soft curves that convey elegance, emotion and gracefulness.

Hatchback has produced the best design language for its dramatic and massive C-pillar, which gives the car a very dynamic look. Probably, the blind blind man has also reached a fairly massive level and certain certain angles seem oddly proportional.

Sedans are two blues more. To take advantage of the odd proportions of Hatch, look at the look, the Mazda3 sedan destroys the wings, unspecified and blobby type.

Both body styles have sharp front and back designs, which continue to evolve and simplify the language of the Mazda Kodo design, and set some structures in their bold accuracy. I do not feel "love at first glance" until 3, but I will reserve a trial for two cars to see people.

2019 Mazda 3

With eye-catching character lines, the look of the Mazda3 depends on the light, how the light sees the curve.


Simple and simple cabin

Inside, the less "less" theme continues with a subtle ergonomic readiness based on a pilot driver driver, a slimmer and minimalist design.

The steering wheel is now a wider range of telescoping to accommodate different body types. In the meantime, the change position (in the case of manual and automatic models) has moved forward and stepped up. Seat cushions cover seats, in the seat seating design, provides a better alignment of the beehives for comfort and road improvement.

These new seats allow climate control to design two doors that fit into climate control. By brand new "Mazda Premium", the new Mazda3 will be available with renewed compacted materials, including Burgundy leather color, exclusive hatchback.

The 8,8-inch wide-screen Mazda infotainment system is located on the strip and operates in the central console through the control center's communist control. Undoubtedly, this Mazda Connect version has recently announced Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, but the initial announcements do not mention any mention.

2019 Mazda 3

The interior can be in a new direction called "Greige". This confusing black and gray color is never dull, but it looks pretty elegant.


i-Activsense security technology

I hope that the i-Activsense Series of driver's support technologies continues in this new generation, with new features that match the mix.

The new Mazda3 will be available on camera based camera infrared controllers to ensure driver's eyes are being monitored while driving the eyes and lids. IR LEDs make the driver's face invisible in the dark so this technology can be especially useful for avoiding night-time wheeled drivers.

New Traffic and Traffic Surveillance Systems help with access, accelerator, brake and driver to reduce stress on wheeled traffic. Unexpectedly, like Audi's Traffic Jam Assist feature, this is a driving force to accelerate and braking to keep the car's distance safe.

It also uses a Front Cross Traffic Alert system for side-by-side shots in radar, when perpendicular traffic is placed behind or when the street or garage enters the traffic.

2019 Mazda 3

Just look at the size of the C-column! I expect the level of monitoring for this blind year.


Skyactiv technological engine

Under the new sheet, the new Mazda3 body, of course, is sharper, stronger and lighter, with great improvements that bring strong breakdowns to mounting points, improved flaws in safety, better economies and a relaxed ride. And underneath the hood, the next generation Mazda3 will start up with several Skyactiv-G and D engines worldwide.

However, North American drivers are only worried about Skyactiv-G with four-liter four-bang-bang, which will be launched in early 2019. The energy and momentum have not yet been stated, but I expect 184 horsepower and 185 lb. of current 2.5 lb torch. It will have a power transmission manual with six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed power steering wheel. In addition, the Mazda i-Activ wheel drive system will be available through the G-Vectoring Control Plus brake-powered torque.

By the end of 2019, Mazda's next-generation Skyactiv-X engine M hybrid system will be released on Mazda3's world-wide list to make better torque and fuel economy improvements without affecting driving dynamics and diversity. Unlike simplified outdoor design, Skyactiv-X is very complex, ultra-high compression, a small supercharger, complex combustion time, diesel engine technology and a mild hybrid system. I was already above the engine technology and so it works in just one article Learn more about Skyactiv-X.

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