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& # 39; The Voice & # 39; Recap: Chevel Shepherd, DeAndre Nico – Top 11 Performances


Monday's section Voice he gave us small Many additional powers that allow viewers to select songs Contestants would play it. And, on the one hand, the bend that started on the third season was a promise. Would / Could we not lead singers more than harmful numbers, such as Adam Levine? Doubtful

On the other hand, as the season 15 proved, it was not so wonderful to face it. You know it I was not a great Tyke James, but even though Bryan Adams's cover was the only Top 13 vendor and … still He did not get enough votes to send him to Lynnea Moorer. And you trust me, you do not want to start SandyRedd! So how were Choices of songs and performances on stage? Read …

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the-voice-summary-chevel-shepherd-DeAndre-nico-top-11-showsDave Fenley (Team Blake), "Use Me" – Grade: D + | In the rehearsal, Dave admitted that his fans had picked up a song biiig on the left side of its ordinary genus. But it sounded like a soundtone that could fit with Bill Withers, and some beatboxing began as an entertaining and entertaining idea. On the stage, however, the gimmick was really outstanding for Dave's lack. The evil man had a lot of fun in him. (In other words, there is none.) And even though his voice is usually reluctant to leave some time. "I am amazed," Adam said later. I too, and not in a good way.

Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly), "Space Cowboy" – Grade: C + | "I like the song," he told the coach at the age of 16, he could surely have singed Kacey Musgraves without breaking his heart, which he still has not. And Kelly was right. Chevel fills his voice with fear and fear that frightened his years. However, he sometimes questioned the melody, and sometimes "more knots" came in a bit. When it was done, Kelly was shaken; I, not so much. It was good – that is, after all, what it means "C" – it almost does not matter. Chevel can do it better.

Reagan Strange (Team Adam), "Compiled" – Grade: D | Adam said that Avril Lavigne had succeeded in making Reagan perfect and a tricky rehearsal. Reagan was also happy with the option. She decided to slip and go on stage. I was not sure I was going to get the song song. Agreed, the most serious problem in Reagan was not a long shot. He started his flat pancake and only recovered from time to time. But, in general, he was do it It seemed to me that he was blasting, and he thought that he only listened to me to hear the band, and even noisy. (Listen to the headphones, someone!) I love Reagan – it's just as beautiful as the Puppies cart – but this is not its perfect song or its perfect interpretation. However, Blake Shelton emphasized that "you've really sung." Um, Okay.

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the-voice-summary-chevel-shepherd-DeAndre-nico-top-11-showsKymberli Joye (Team Kelly), "Break Every Chain" – Grade: A | At least, according to the TVLine survey, last week, Kymberli was very lucky on the bottom three. But this week, it was like good luck or luck to go on. He has a voice called Kymber, made With shaking the back of the church seats, the fans gave the celestial commandment for the evangelization given to fans. When Kelly put it, she "sang" [her] The tail of Jesus "And he got a massive song, Kymberli's high-rise challenge, though the blaring warrior could not quench himself, which does not find a top spot, he's going to be hell to pay.

Kirk Jay (Team Blake), "Body Like a Back Road" – Grade: A- | We all agree (are not we?) Kirk broke the voice that hears the voice of the cake. But will a personality like a joke like Sam Hunt? It seems to be certain, in rehearsals, that Blake said he had left the middle keypad to show his dance moves. To be honest, Kirk was as good as the American side, and it seemed to him pleasant to see the stage. But blessed the heart, the dancer, is not it. In any case, Kirk created a mix of George Strait and Rascal Flatts, directed by his coach.

Chris Kroeze (Team Blake), "Long Train Runnin & # 39;" – Grade: B + | I like Chris's harsh voice, but when I'm watching, I never get my eyes, I get more feelings. "The guy would kickass cover-band frontman." There's nothing wrong with that … but it's impossible to make the final quarter. In the rehearsal, Blake brought a 70-minute rock vibe in the country. At the scene, Chris's voice sounded so raw, falling into the blender like Brillo Pad, and I mean it's in a good shape. He was a man About! In a single guitar – and really at the end of the song – even though he looked at home, I saw a rock star makings. Maybe I underestimate its potential.

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the-voice-summary-chevel-shepherd-DeAndre-nico-top-11-showsLynnea Moorer (Team Kelly), "Effects" – Grade: C + | Maybe Lynnea fans should always receive their songs. Well, when he listened to white voices, when he stumbled upon Camila Cabellillo, I think there would be little difference in the tendency of the same competition. At least he got a round chair. Here, he still slowed me down in his lower registry – SandyRedd, it's not – and they were repeatedly demanding. But Lynnea became more beautiful and fascinating. Maybe Kelly was changing something about how she was a radio-ready Comeback kid – because with a little magic studio, she it would be sound ready for radio.

MaKenzie Thomas (Team Jennifer), "Emotion" – Grade: B + | With MaKenzie's "How Deep Is Your Love", his fans made a real solid, featuring an acoustic wannabe-gospel star assigning the second Bee Gees cover. No, this is not the most challenging ballad in music history, but that really was. MaKenzie helps keep her vigilant since she opened her mouth, and here, she did not need to go through any massive remarks. [insert song title here], especially in his ads. And as JHud later stated, since it was the Destiny's Child's song, it was not possible for MaKenzie to take too much freedom with Gibb's tune brothers.

Sarah Grace (Team Kelly), "Dog Days Are Over" – Grade: C | Sarah lost nearly three weeks in the last week, and the next was the TVLine's Top 13 survey – Stank Face was worried about Monday. A more contemporary song like Florence + Machine seemed to me to be a good idea, perhaps, as it seemed to younger audiences. Aand … Sarah got out of trouble with her smaller record – admit it was bad. He seemed to keep the song jealousy. He reminded me of why he was in the same way when he regained control over so much interlude, but to have a better performance, he had good times. If this was a silver lining, it was certain Instant Save to hear a better song on Tuesdays – with the song of his choice.

DeAndre Nico (Team Adam), "Cry for You" – Grade: C + | Adam advised DeAndre all the excitement and excitement of his moments through his whole trick-bag during Jodeci's slowdown mechanism. And DeAndre definitely do it stop everything on stage. But Adamen's advice may not have been good to me. (Devil, right?) He went to DeAndre therefore, big therefore, The result was enormous and rapid at the time. Was there a passion? Clearly. Voice Capability Demonstration? Surely, that too – DeAnd has daytime pipes (and he) be it We went home if we had an appetite for my throat). There were problems, the end result of his efforts was very exciting, he was not very pleasant to hear.

Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer), "All bestest Love" – ​​Grade: A + | I complained about the sugar concern, Kennedy was called "Under the wind", "The greatest love of all", but according to note 1, the eighth grade closed my butt. After strikingly bare, "I love you always," Kennedy became a terrific success, and with Whitney gestures (a wonderful coaching coach). Honestly, the joy of the teenagers, the charisma and the oral voice of control persuaded me to be the winner of the 15th season. This It was. Stunning.

Thus, you've made one of the song selections, "Huh?" Did you have a performance to throw a shoe? After voting on the bottom question, click on comments.

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