Wednesday , January 20 2021

A new report finds that the worst crisis in climate change is a healthy crisis – Mother Jones

The people of San Francisco forced them to make out their face masks in the open air through forced forest fires. Eric Risberg / AP

A report released by Lancet Countdown on Wednesday calls the climate change "the greatest threat of the XXI century in the world," and warns that it is not directed, millions of people, illnesses, poor quality air and food insecurity.

A report by a group of international researchers has several climate impacts, including extreme heat and productivity and illness of work. In 2017, 153 million work hours were lost from 2000 to 2000 with an increase of more than 62,000 million hours. That is why there has been a rise in heat waves and weather conditions, such as hurricanes and wilderness, and hope to create more refugees and millions of people.

Many of these refugees, the author of the report's remarks, are American. On Tuesday, the press conference, Renee Salas, an emeritus medical doctor at the Massachusetts Hospital Hospital, and Lancet Countdown US Breve, described the latest experience in a new home. "I had a patient from Puerto Rico, it was a baggage bag, it did not take medication any day. Actually, it was a climate refugee from my emergency department," Salas said. "I can not think that the risk of excessive population is more risky than one person."

Although small changes in temperature and precipitation can be transmitted to the vector and may cause major transmissions of water, the report's comments. In 2016, there was a notable increase in the ability of insects and bacterial viruses, especially dengue, cholera and malaria. (This finding was echoed in the last week on climate change assessment, and climate change could "change the geographic distribution and distribution of insects and pests in the United States of America").

Meanwhile, the world of food growth is threatened. The analysis of agricultural performance shows declines in all regions; 30 countries produce less food in recent years.

Lancet Countdown report also has cause for hope. More electric vehicles were on track along the 2017 road, and investment in renewable energy grew sharply, but coal consumption dropped. China is in charge of many of these changes. It sells more than 40% of all electric cars and is the leader in renewable energy installation.

However, spending on adaptation to climate change remains below the amount set in the 2015 Paris Convention in 2015, as President Donald Trump has not announced the United States. And only 3.8% of this expenditure is for human health. The Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy, currently Director of the Climate, Health and Environmental Center at Harvard University, is crucial in recognizing the impact of climate change on health. Travels to California in the midst of the last forest that extends the smoke in the new situation. "People were so clear that the masks literally walked down the streets of San Francisco and the center of Palo Alto," said McCarthy. "This was not like the United States."

Fine particles, McCarthy masks are designed by Californians to filter at least 3 million early deaths in 2015, according to the report. Contamination has worsened in the three quarters of 2010 in 2010 Road fuels have increased by 2% between 2013 and 2015, and the main driving force in cities is less than 10% of bicycles.

A report addressed to healthcare professionals argues that climate change must be made to educate people. Impact effects, writing authors of the report, can not be hindered. McCarthy says, "I do not believe people question questions about medical diagnosis, something that the president does not believe is something that is not about a belief system, it's about science and facts."

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