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A Russian effort that is not public material for special advice for Russian effort

According to the development, how much strain has been left between the US law enforcement and alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

The situation has emerged from three hundred data, in the case of the Russian company Concord Management and Consulting, and has financed the efforts of social media who want to vote for 2016 voters. The Department of Justice has checked Concord's US-based law group, who can review it as a case of limited number of people.

The prosecutors have recently informed him about the steps that were sent to Concord, as today's Twitter user "Mueller database" and with a computer with an IP address saying "Mueller Database".

More than a thousand documents were collected from case studies, and in this case, only those who participated in the case listed the labels and folders online, the prosecutor said.

Other documents have been published online and blends were a real proof of "garbage material", prosecutors said.

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"Non-senseless material discovery property-owned property has changed and expanded, apparently, in the disinformation campaign (apparently) in the United States political systems continuing to study Russian interference continuously," said the prosecutor on Wednesday.

October's effort

On Twitter's Twitter account, the center presented on Wednesday, the CNN reporter arrived in the private message for the first time in October. Other news organizations received a similar message.

"We're anonymous hackers, we're just like many others, but we're the only ones that got a special Mueller database," read HackingRedstone's message. "We got a local Russian lawyer network, we have gotten permission from ReedSmith (Russian lawyers) to download and download files that need them in their database, through the removal server. You wonder why we want to share all this information with you, so you can manage it properly It's only one thing. You tell the truth to the people! "

The reporter did not answer a message, the CNN informed him of the special advice and defense team.

At the end of October, @HackingRedstone shared a Twitter website, thanks to criminal case documents.

Prosecutors did not say on Wednesday how they got their documents.

The office of Reed Smith, according to Concord, said Wednesday it was "compromise" that the company had not hacked it, or that its members violated the case lawsuits that violated the courts.

"We maintain high levels of security and protection for all of our systems and their content," said the office. "Reed Smith has not, in any way, stayed or stayed here, on computer systems in Reed Smith, a part of the Government's data. A third party vendor has hosted all of these data and certifies that there is no breach of the database that maintains the Data. "

Information lock

The prosecution's "non-sensitive" evidence includes what is called "non-sensitive" by the prosecutor and the available information on the Internet, such as Concord believes that Concord participates in social media in 2016.

However, other evidence, which was not public, is so sensitive, even though a limited number of Russians shared the United States' national security secretions, the prosecution argued. Prosecutors mostly do not want oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, the case and charged by the Concord, to access it, according to various courts.

Until now, a federal judge allows the Department of Justice to store blocked information to the Justice Department, which can not be shared with other parties as well. Sensitive evidence is kept on computers that are offline.

However, Concord has to ask the Russians, including Prigozhin, to share documents, because he is preparing a trial and US lawmakers return to a large part of the Russian.

But the prosecutors have gone back. "The concord order threatens the United States' national security risks without a sensible discovery of the Russian Federation," the prosecutor wrote Wednesday.

Instead, the prosecutor urges Prigozhin to reach the U.S. to face his or her charges and review the evidence.

Other actors

The Department of Justice has warned that on Wednesday it will present a misinformation campaign that "people and organizations" will not be charged. In previous court documents, prosecutors have said the federal jury continues to pursue a matter related to Concord, suggesting that more charges might occur.

Prosecutors use the scope of online activity in cases where arguing material is sensitive should not be further expanded.

Sensitive materials "includes sources, methods and techniques used to identify foreign agents behind these interference operations".

Thanks to the information provided by the Russians, "countries would allow them to learn about these techniques and facilitate their behavior, undermining the security interests of the United States, including investigations into the behavior of these foreign agents."

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The alleged 13 conspiracy, all Russians, have not appeared in the US court, and warned that they have not been extradited to the U.S. to face their charges.

Even though the Russians demonstrated evidence on the Internet, they probably will not be punished, the prosecutor said.

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