Tuesday , March 21 2023

All Dock NASA's Martian InSight


NThe ultimate victory of the Nuclear Space in Mars, ASA, inspires us to renew our power of surprise.

Among the various national outlets covered On Monday landing underground InSight (and this publication was wonderful direct coverage), I still do not sense the general public excited, or even less, more than through interest. That is, after all, the success of the eighth success of the human surface of Mars, which has been successful so long ago.

For most of us, it is a science to monitor what the land is doing, or if we do not look for water / life / small men, it worries us a lot. If you send a robot like R2-D2 instead of ground to earth, if you send a ladder on the Martian dune, it does not keep any interest, even if the Americans gave it a nightmare. and let human beings know about these engineering events.

However, we may not be so blasphemed. What mankind is getting from Mars is really remarkable. They have three quarters of Mars missions crash They have been completely and even more partial only. It's not surprising: InSight made 301,223,981 kilometers of space, ranging from 12,300 mph to 5 mph, a 2,700-degree heat-free friction, a car-scanning spot, and the safest place at the right time, turning it into a ground reference When placed, touch gently – and start sending specific signals to the Earth.

They need more than three months for scientists at NASA, using these radio signals in deep space to set up appropriate tools and research tools, leaving the InSight drill in the Martian surface to make the inner heat of Marsen in his experiments. its "wobble" axis, and the safe handling and survival of human beings in other information in Red Planet.

These remote experiments will be directed towards the Earth. Other missions are on the way.

However, aside from all of this, we too do not appreciate the memorable complexity of these missions, nor the success stories that are successful. It was not always that way. During the 1996-97 period, facing Sojourner's clothes, Martian became the first human instrument to move on the crust. Later, I remind you that we are transcribing, talking about the work lunches and dinner tables, as well as the anthropomorphism of human identity.

Also, or even more, when Spirit and Opportunity rovers The longest distant distance in the whole Martian landscape began in 2004; then, almost miraculously, continue and move forward, after the first months years old Unless we have passed the planned 90 days of "life", we are rooted for them in few engines, as if they were their will.

As logic says, even if they are make-up, they are terribly awful, it is a sense of giving men feelings of admiration and feeling for their creation. If we lose the greatness of human achievements and the greatness of the great and mysterious universe, we will lose the essential element of our humanity.

As Alfred Poet, written by Lord Tennyson, we define "our efforts to find, search and not give in, our best" ideas. This is what our NASA scientists and engineers do every day and they deserve it.

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