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Although a 32-year-old bowl of Bol Bol, a basketball in Oregon broke a Texas South South 25-point underdog


EUGENE – In a 7-year battle, Oregon freshman phenom Bol Bol overcame it, but ultimately Trayvon Reed's fifth Southern Australian Vaccine, which never had the dominant defense of Patos in Dana Altman's stunning times.

With Bol's 32 points and Bol's 11 rebounds, Oregon's 18th number could not be enough to create another crime or to defend almost anyone in South Texas, especially Reed, whose career raised 23 points to the winning 89-84 stage Underdog Tigers of 25 points silenced Matthew Knight Arena on Monday.

He was led by Oregon (4-2), 13 (51-38) and 16:28, but he was able to make Texas wings. The Tigers scored 57.6 points in the field, and the last 29 shots were 16 cubes, in the second half, to pass 57-45 Ducks and make it a little bit extra.

"There is no sugar in this way, it was a very poor performance in the defense," said Altman. "… There was no good performance. I am not blamed, it starts with me. If there is no discipline and difficulty, it starts with me.

"We have not had such a loss for a long time. We have done a great deal of work to rebound and defense." The loss was very disappointing. "

Missing 89-84 stunning Texas Southern Oregon

This was the second victory of the Power Johnson team this season, winning the South Texas (2-4), six straight SWAC tournaments and one year former Johnny Jones coach, first LSU, in Baylor. For the last time, the TSU won two Power conferences in the same season in 2014-15, in the three games that Michigan State and Kansas State won.

Matthew Knight Arena (72-4) was not an agreement for Ducks, but it was also the worst. Leave the SWAC team away from the previous MKA from Virginia with previous losses in 2011, Ole Miss 2014 and Boise State last season.

"This is a huge loss," said Payton Pritchard, with 14 points, and scored seven goals. "Honestly, this is a bad loss. We will be back in time. We're going ahead and we're better off or not".

Tigers, nine graduate transfers, elders and jubilants, usually fight for non-exclusive road racing games, but Reed 9- John Jones and two more double-player figures.

Oregon did not respond Reed, a four-star preview and the 2014 first gathering in 2014, began the journey in Maryland, but later arrived in Auburn before finishing in the south of Texas.

"We are never physical with him," Altman said. "He tried to do everything he wanted. He was the opposite of Baylor's vote – it was very effective in that game, we did not do any physical … He liked the man, he must put his legs in. They could not be physically we have done it. "

Oregon (4-2) striker and Kenny Wooten did not start off in the second half as part of the second half, because it was said to be a left knee, and was trying to block a block in the first half.

Wooten teamed up with Reed in the first half, but did not have to go to Paul White, and others tried to defend him from the inside.

"Kenny is a great fan of defense and covers a lot for us, but we can not talk about Kenny," said Pritchard, the team called its lack of intensity playing in the game. "All five men have to start the defense."

In the second half, the Tigers made 11 straight goals at one point, when Reed supplied four dunks.

"They were thrown away and there were no great ones, guards were not on the screens, people did not help any more," said Pritchard. "We were not in defense when we were."

It was the first 30-point game and Bol's third 20-point live was Bol, from the 13th to the 22nd of 22nd, and behind the 4th to 6th. Bol teamed up in the 75th minute, with 3:20 free shots, and their last three goalkeepers got Oregon 85-82 from 14.3 to inside, but it was not enough.

After joining Bol, when game 3:20 was gone, Reed scored four points to the TSU, when Derrick Bruce's Eastern guard had scored 13 points, including Tigers' last eight races.

While 11 parts in the first half of the ocean, Texas has failed to capitalize on the wings, 15 to 15 have gone, and three to eight (28-20) deficits are three (30-27).

After completing the three straight three points, Ducks scored 1 behind the next 10, but the third in three directs 3 seconds, Pritchard two, from 39-32 in the middle.

Ducks ranked second in the second half as the only Pac-12 classification team, but it will surely be coming down next week this coming week.

Altman said that the challenge is to obtain final year and second year lists to adapt the physical requirements of the university game, without forgetting a loss of home loss.

"We have a lot of new guys and I do not want to be sure of adapting to the physicality and hardness we need to be," said Altman. "So I do not know, the challenge is different. If you do not compete and be more physical than that, it starts with training, demands must be increased. We need a much better job. So, we're offensive, our boys worry about running If each one of them is a shot or not. Stop and bounce does not mean much to us and to the college game. I mean a lot.

"We have to change our whole thinking. We have talked about our team, focusing on defense and rebounds. We did not play well, but we got 84 points, 84 could be enough. You need to win.

Pritchard, a junior, did not excuse the older members of the team.

"Of course, we have to figure out some things," said Pritchard. "Last year, we lost two races and we made some changes. It will begin in practice, but people will make changes … We will remember a few days. It does not mean that it is changing, and it shows that we play some plays, We do not have some plays. That's not the case.

"That's not what happened to Final Four. The team last year, that is, we did not have the intensity and the change of this year's team."

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