Amazon now manufactures AmazonBasics branded Amazon products, including oil and dog beds. I am not overly surprised that an Amazon-based microwave microwave was built with Alexa. In the microwave, the periodic price of $ 59.99 has fallen to $ 41.99.

As far as microwaves go, this is not particularly strong at 700W, and at the end it is smaller than 0.7 cubic meters. But $ 41.99 can not complain. In addition, Alexa integration means saying "Alexa, heat a cup of coffee" or "Alexa, thaw corn", and know the settings that apply to the microwave flat. Amazon also seems to boast that the microwave oven is automatically reorganized with a 10% discount, but if you eat a lot of popcorn, you have to consider it.

This microwave is the first time discounted and a 30% discount is already in the microwave. It should be noted that the Echo device is required to use Alexa. Click on the link below to select it.