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Anthem section inscription patches notes

An Anthem The update will change how the inscriptions work late in the game, since it starts with the next patch.

In a post Anthem Subreddit has specified details of the entry of inscriptions specified by the leading producer, Ben Irving: the small but important bonus effects of each weapon or gear unit (all attack fuses or flight time added).

To make the boots easier to make the mold, all the inscriptions will immediately adjust the weapon or gear piece. "Each type of item has specific inscription options for each inscription. The pools are smaller and are geared towards specific elements," said Irving.

To reduce the frustration of grinding these elements, the minimum equality and whites elements will not appear at 30 Javelins level. The main works will also be easier for craftsmanship, which will only take 15 masterpieces down to 25.

With a smaller pool of white and green items and a smaller pool of inscriptions, better elements should find the most difficult difficulties. Anthem player And when it's not bad luck, new craftmanship should offer a better way to build an ideal piston or gear.

These changes will only apply to catches that have been post-patched, not players already. BioWare is not clear when the patches live directly; Irving says he expects today to arrive on February 28 or March 1.

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