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Apex Legends: Respawnk gives updates to hitbox problems, gaps and more

The respawn community manager has responded to Reddit by Apex Legends's ongoing problems. The main issues considered in this update were hitboxes and crashes.


Maybe Apex Legends's biggest issue has just begun. There is criticism that shows how it works. That is why a Respawn community manager has directed this in a Reddit post.

For the time being, there are no updates / patches yet, Jayfresh_Respawn says: "We will make it in the future".

Skydiving has been solved by an excessive length issue.

Skydiving Super distances

Another important problem will be solved, but before the confession, the distance has enormous distances. Some players flew across the map and, of course, gave them unfair advantage.

The Respawn community's director said: "We have applied some solutions," and "We continue to implement the assets".

Failed on the PC

Respawn also corrected the problems that were encountered on the PC. It will take time for a patch. "We need a lot of hardware and configuration in thousands of hardware and configurations, when you crash a lot, if you try and apply repairs."

You can see a complete Troubleshooting Guide to stop here to stop Apex Legends.

Patches: Server vs. Client

Respawn also knows Apex players to deal with these two issues. Server patches have been made "on the server and do not need a patch to go to your computer or consoles." Client slabs are different, though, "these are the patches that you need to download and update to your computer."

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