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Ben Affleck signals Batman exit

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Affleck has won two Oscars for writing and producing

Sanctuaries, Batman! Ben Affleck is looking for a new Dark Knight confirmation as he was hanging over Bat Cape.

The actor said effectively that Matt Reeves would not be able to "Batman" himself.

"Your wife's #TheBatman Summer 2021 and @MattReevesLA view," wrote by Affleck.

46-year-old first comic book superhero appeared in Batman v Superman 2016: Justice Day.

He repeated the role of Suizidio again in that year before becoming a character of the 2017 Justice League.

He was the star of Affleck's director and director in The Batman's "stand-alone", but he directed it in 2017.

"It's clear that they do not have to do with two jobs at the level they need," he said at the time.

The actress continued to make rumors, saying that she was "excited about Batman."

The apparent reversal of this position may be to treat the next alcohol addiction.

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Affleck made a debut / Bruce Wayne debut against Henry Cavill, against Batman v Superman: Justice Dawn

Batman, the director of Cloverfield, who will write and direct Reeves, will be released on June 25, 2021.

Joaquin Phoenix's future Joker film, Wonder Woman's show and another screen by Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn feature.

  • In the final package of Phoenix it becomes Joker
  • Bird of Prey's great DC option & # 39; da

He became the first Caped Crusader who first began in 1943 when Lewman Wilson Batman became the first screen.

Here are some of the most famous actors.

Adam West

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West, when he was 88 years old at the age of 2017, won a cult relationship with Batman's 1970s drumming series.

"I'm grateful," he later confessed. "I've learned a lot from people who love Batman for a long time."

Michael Keaton

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They did not accept Keaton's casting, as Batman's Batman in 1989's blockbuster, Tim Burton, against Jack Nicholson's performance.

"When Tim and I discussed the film, I knew well," he said in 2017, the second and final playoffs of Batman Returns for 25 years.

Val Kilmer

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Kilmer did the only appearance he made in Batman's Batman Forever, but he still spent a lot of time with the character's costume icon.

"The house takes an hour and you can not do it yourself, and then you can not hear it, because there is no such thing," he reflected in 2012.

George Clooney

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ER's star was one of Batman's, and now he's telling lies about Batman and Robin.

"I thought it was a good career at that time, I thought," said Graham Norton in 2015. "It was not."

Christian Bale

Christian Bale in the flesh and Batman in The Dark KnightImage copyright
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Bale today has rewards and internships in front of her role as the heart-strength and violence intensity of the 2005 Batman Begins role.

"I've always thought that a movie made by Batman could be really good," said Christopher Nolan's film, when they set up two film sequences.

Will Arnett

Lego Batman and Will ArnettImage copyright
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"Lego Batman does not know that he is an animated character," says Arnett's role in three cartoon cartoons.

"That's why I mean that an inner life is approaching as a character I'm doing," continues today, giving The Lego Movie 2 the best Gotham Growl.

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