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Cancer healing next year? It's not exactly


On Tuesday there was a great opportunity to watch the path that he had made on the internet on the Internet: "Cancer Healing? Scientists believe that they found one." The Jerusalem Post This article includes a series of quotes from the biotechnology behind the treatment: "We believe that we will offer a complete supply of cancer healing", which will not "have a side effect or a minimum, at a much lower cost than most treatments on the market". , says the Biotechnology Accelerated Biotechnology Committee. The Post It also offers an explanation of the treatment sciences. They are cancerous peptides that are married to strong toxin; Together, they find and kill cancer cells, and researchers will explain the advantages of current treatment issues.

The last few lines warn that there is still an idea for humans: "the first exploration mice experiment" has just been completed. CNBC is causing problems with the timeline, especially in the case of US treatments. Even if the company is doing well for their quick trials, it can take six or seven years for the "marketing of the mouse". The company warns of the claim in an email, "it means curing cancer healing, we will have a complete solution to human beings' first preparation." Commercial American commercialization of American cancer was also careful in a blog post. Among the doctors of Len Lichtenfeld, the company has not published clinical results, and "Peptide Visualization Techniques … has been a difficult road as a potential drug. If this group starts clinical trials, they may have difficult experiments." (The death of US cancer has happened recently.)

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