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Celebrities will confuse Howard Schultz's 2020 presidential intentions

Former CEO of Starbucks warned Howard Schultz of an independent presidency of 2020, and political celebrities have made it clear to the media to announce their dislexia.

Schultz sent a tweet on Sunday saying "he was considering being an executive executive seriously". He appeared in a "60 minute" interview where he expressed his intention and questioned the suitability of Donald Trump's office. President of Twitter

In his advertisement, comedians and celebrities, he has made his plans for the White House, with his qualifications and a real shot by a "zentristo".


"If you get bored with life at Howard Schultz, can I recommend building homes with Jimmy Carter? Or using bill bills like Bill Gates, or crocheting in your spare time, your existing crisis is better than working in the election" Former actress George Takei wrote "Star Trek".

Bette Midler indicated that Schultz's wealth could be tightened with ordinary Americans.

"#HowardSchultz, rich and honest, is kind to Starbucks, there is one of eleven lands" he wrote.

He continued: "# HowardSchultz says health care" is not America. "This idea is ideal if bathing water is being said by a platinum bathtub."

Comedy Michael Ian Black Twitter sarcastic support For Schultz

"Howard Schultz needs this country – a wealthy non-governmental man. Schultz vote!"

"This is with us," Ken Olin asked those who asked Schultz not to recover a declaration of execution, and more than 11,000 were picked up for the fastest.

"Join and respond to this message @HowardSchultz," he wrote. "It is NOT a president to execute, you will not win. However, you will certainly have the opportunity to choose a qualified woman or a man to replace Trump. And in America, it can not be spent on this catastrophe four years later."

Comedy Patton Oswalt took part in Schultz's "centrist" advertisement.

"I'm also running away from the far-left conservative centrist as Resocialcratian," he wrote.

Mia Farrow made a similar approach to Olin, because Schultz did not throw democratic votes with Donald Trump.

"Respectfully, do not run. I think you'll get the great votes of the most important electoral democrats. Remember Ralph Nader. We need to win Trump if you want to start Democrats." he wrote.

Bill Maher He talked about Schultz.

"Do you really want to be the president of the coffee? Because of course, people will pay for coffee". It does not mean that you can run the world. Govt is another animal. "

"If it were, I would like to go through the comments and save the tourist routes," tweeted "Westworld" actor Jeffrey Wright.

Rob Reiner Likewise, independent candidates who received bad reception were historically seen in the past.

"Nader gave US Bush in 2000. More than 500 Gore won, with 15-20 years of global warming and 1,000 Iraqi troops jumped out of the US troop, while Hillary earned a further 3 million votes. Give no moral rules within the second term. Do not take it away!


HOWARD SCHULTZ HES SERIOUSLY RUNNING 4 CHAIRMAN, IM "SERIOUSLY YOU WANT 2 STARBUCKS GOVERNAN BETIKO" – wrote Cher. "Trump Narcissistic was a crooked businessman about NADA Policy or being a President. WE DO NOT REPUBLIC IN??CLOTHING⁉️ #BSINDY

Eric Idle did not score any point in discussing Schultz's lack of title.

"Yes, it's not more in governor's business, because they want to be populist for selling coffee …" he wrote.

Comedy Dana Gould made it clear Comparison between Schultz and Donald Trump saying, "Many people are dead set agsinst Starbucks Executive CEO Howard Schultz presidential, but maybe it's time we tried to be the head of a business-friendly business who does not know what he was doing."

Comedy and podcast host Jon Lovett On one hand, Schultz's announcement commented on the nonsense of immediate reaction.


"@Howardschultz Press is a good-looking press catastrophe. It's a good lesson. You do not have to get yourself or what you get, people in your life need you, you'll close your eyes when you deserve it."

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