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Check the boom of the electric scooter that opens the US.

For Dockless scooters, the riders were able to rent anywhere with the application and parking lot almost everywhere, polarized in the same year. Transit advocates denounced the ease of use of scooters and reduced capacity for road congestion in cars and taxis offering alternative car journeys. The critics complained about streetwalks and fast-moving cities for parking scooters. And the hospitals grew scooters injuries.

Scooter operators have been widely attacked by the Uber and Lyft gigantic movements (note that the scooter company Uber bought in Jump August in 2018 and Lyft launched its own scooter service in September). The hope of the riders of local policy makers for their use.

This approach has been paid. Bird and Lime, the two largest carriers, earned $ 2 million in their yearly start-up.

Likewise, the municipal governments went ahead. Several cities, such as San Francisco, Austin, Texas and Indianapolis, were banned for a scooter or temporarily forbidden to run temporarily from limited pilot programs. In January, accessibility advocates were sued for San Diego city and three e-scooters for more than just the risk of pavement vehicles presented to people with disabilities. In January, Denver also demanded that scooter riders ride on the street only.

But the scooters were very popular. In Santa Monica, California, in the autumn of 2018 the scooter rider joined 150,000 trips in November 2018. And in Denver, the survey conducted by the city's public works department, 55% of the respondents found that it had a positive opinion.

Scooter companies have been abroad. Bird, Lime and 2011 have launched an e-scooter company by Scoot in European and Latin American cities. Bird has been launched in Tel Aviv in Israel. Lime has begun operations like Australia and New Zealand.

Bird has also expressed his intention to invest in public bicycles. In August, the company announced plans to finance bicycles for cycling in its cities. In January, TechCrunch reported that Travis VanderZanden Bird said in 2019 he hoped to channel more infrastructure to audiences at the Los Angeles technology conference.

"The deeper the transport is, the more I realize we do not need self-propelled vehicles, we do not need tunnels, we need more bicycle paths," said VanderZanden.

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