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Chinese "whipped" geneticist says pregnant volunteer for the editing of other children's genes


HONG KONG (Reuters) – Chinese scientist says they are the first genetically-edited baby in the world in the middle of an ethical storm, on Wednesday, their work is proud and that another volunteer is pregnant.

Jiankui scientists go to the International Summit of Human Genome Editors at the Hong Kong University of Hong Kong. November 28, 2016 REUTERS / Stringer

He Jiankui, associate professor at the Southern Science and Technology University in Shenzhen, China, attended 700 people attending the Human Genome Editorial Summit at the University of Hong Kong.

"In this case, I feel proud, I feel more proud," he said, as the members questioned the speech.

"This review was sent to a journal scientist for review," he said. He did not nominate a journal and said that his university did not study.

When he self-financed his work, he said he was worried about investigations in secret, because he explained that he was in charge of the scientific community over the last three years.

This week, videos published online, the two-year-old girl-born technologic CRISPR-Cas9 was used to change the embryo of the genes.

Protects the genes that girls support the infection with HIV, AIDS-infected virus.

But the scientist and the Chinese government denounced his work, and a hospital related to this research confirmed his ethical acceptance.

The moderator, Robin Lovell-Badge, said the story that had been organized to the summit did not break until this week.

CRISPR-Cas9 technology is a technology for scientists to cut DNA and paste them into DNA. However, there are concerns about security and ethics.

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The Chinese Society for Cell Biology said on Tuesday in a statement that applications for human embryonic genes were declared reproductive purposes and that it was contrary to the laws and ethics of China.

More than 100 scientists, mostly in China, on Tuesday in an open letter, CRISPR-Cas9 technology was dangerous and unfair to edit human embryos. "Pandora's box has been opened," they said.

It is a research focusing on genome sequencing technology, bioinformatics and genome editing, according to the biography of its top website.

He earned a doctorate from Rice University in Texas from Texas, and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Stanford University at Stanford Quake.

(Description of the graphic technique of the edition of the CRISPR gene:


He, who said he was against the improvement of the gene, said eight couples were initially, while his studies fell while enrolling. The criterion must be a father so that HIV is positive and that the mother is HIV negative.

David Baltimore, President Emeritus; After talking to Robert Andrews Millikan Biology Professor, he talked about being insolvent until he was in trouble.

"I do not think it was a clear process. It only happened and children were born," he said.

Jianku said the outcome could be used for millions of illnesses. He said he would continue continuing for two consecutive years in the next 18 years and were expected to continue continuing.

Shenzhen Harmonicare Medical Holdings Limited (Shenzhen)1509. HK), As the media participating in the project said that there was never a hospital in the hospital where there were no activities related to any child, and there was no connection.

In a statement released from the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong on Tuesday, the group said preliminary investigations that signatures were circulated on the Internet "on the request page" as allegedly forged and there was no significant meeting of the Medical Ethics Committee on the hospital ".

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