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Columbia Teachers College: Professor swastikas spray-painted in his office on the wall

Elizabeth Midlarsky has published a number of articles related to the Jewish and Holocaust, she told CNN: "I opened the outdoor door and almost disappeared," the two swastikas were painted in red.

Midlarsky, who has been teaching at the university's teachers' school for 28 years, has reported security incidents and has been assisted by staff to bring them home from home.

"I was so shy, I was not sure I would," he said.

Thomas Bailey, University of Columbia Professor, said on Wednesday, "We decide without a hatred statement, that is, what is not in our society. We are hated and frightened by using anti-Semitic bumps and attacks, a symbol of a member of our valued community." Bailey works with the police to find the author.

Wednesday was no incident at Midlarsky's 2007 Spastica-painted spastics door.

Midlarsky said the CNN continued to send a letter and email in 2007, which believed that judicial work was linked to judicial activism. Then he received a call from College of Teachers, because he had not turned to the office.

At that time, Professor Susan Fuhrman, President of Midlarsky, attended an organized student protest, saying: "Our students have" told us enough "about the crime of crime and the particular case of the crucifixed attitudes."

Midlarsky, who is 77 and weakens the health, says he has baffled the most vandalism.

"I did not do anything, he said nothing," he said, "he sees this fluctuation" with the tendency and upsurge of anti-Semitism seen in recent years. "

Midlarsky mentioned his 13-year-old daughter, Bar Mitzvah, and killed 11 people on the same day shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue.

"I feel very, very vulnerable," he said.

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