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DA: 63-year-old child wants to break family battles in Methuen; Looking at women's assault positions – Boston News, Weather, Sports


November 26, 2018

METHUEN, MASS (WHDH) – A 23-year-old woman, accused of two other women, was accused of being deported at Methuen's house on Sunday, after a 63-year-old war, struggling to fight.

Modesta Gomez is expected to respond to claims and assaults of batteries and batteries over 60-plus Lawrence Court, according to a Spokesman in Essex District Prosecutor.

Officers 21 responding to Bicknell Ave. On Sunday afternoon, a family fight told a 63-year-old Martina Gomez who did not respond to the medical fight he was facing when he appeared in opposition to the fight.

Martina Gomez was taken to Lawrence General Hospital and died there.

The General Medical Exam will make an autopsy on Monday to determine the cause and mode of death.

The event continues in research.

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