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Dems win the GOP because state legislators change the sides because Trump is extremism

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by Associated Press

Democracy profits were not finalized in the state legislatures last November.

In the last two months, the lawmakers were sworn in priests and this year's state sessions began, the Republicans in California, Kansas and New Jersey changed their party affiliations to become Democrats.

They have mentioned several reasons, but party-makers have one thing: they say that the GOP is under extreme pressure under President Donald Trump.

"The Republican Party, for all the statement that has a huge tent, continues to marquee," said Kansas State Sen. Barbara Bollier, one of the changeers in Mission Hills. "Moderate modes are not welcome at all".

Bollier was one of the four moderate Republicans in the Kansas City neighborhood to change parties.

The final feast came to New Jersey this week. Republican Sen. Dawn Marie replaced Addiego, a suburban southern suburb of New Jersey for nearly a decade, leaving the GOP in two of the Parliament of the minority party.

He mentioned the desire to participate in the debate on "Democracy", but the national republican party is no longer known.

"The basic values ​​that I originally drew from my Republican parties have not changed, but the fact that Ronald Reagan's vision has continued has not existed any longer," said a statement in the change.

In his opinion, in a few days, Brian Maienschein of the California Commission, who represents San Diego, leaves the GOP. He said that his former party is different from immigration, health care, control area, abortion and gay rights.

The Democratic Party gained control over mid-term elections in the US House and won 62 seats in 99 state legislatures, according to data provided by the National Legislation National Congress (the only state of Nebraska is the chamber with single law).

They also come when the President's approval grades are being dipped.

"Trump is a product of the phenomenon," said Patrick Murray, Director of the Institute of Management at the University of Monmouth. "Trump President has sparked the lid of this party. It's a personality worship."

In democratic states like California and New Jersey, disabilities add to GOP's challenges.

The Republicans will have important positions to restore their votes and importance, said Jack Ciattarelli, former Republican legislature of New Jersey, who intends to run the governor in 2021. New Jersey must finance public and financial pensions.

"At this time, Donald Trump will always vote for a dissenting vow," he said. "However, I still believe that non-independent New Jersey voters and voters will be in favor of Democrat Democrats who will be the party to solve various crises."

In political participation, party change seats are changing for a while, which helps to explain changes.

In New Jersey, Addiego won his Democratic opponent with 63% of the 2013 vote. For 2017, it gained a percentage percentage of 52. And over the course of November, the Democratic Republic of Andy Kim won the Republican Tom MacArthur in the Third United States, where all Addiego peoples represent the United States Senate.

Maienschein's National Congress has become a democratic one in its first elections, because it was safe for Republicans. The Republican 38 percent registered voters accounted for 30 percent of Democrats in 2012. Registered nowadays. In the whole state, the republicans now repeat themselves in California.

In Kansas, four defectors were held in the Congress district, Trump lost very little in 2016 and Sharice Davids was elected democratically last year.

Unlike California and New Jersey legislators, the majority went to the minority party. The Republicans in Kansas stated that the Parliaments were mostly moderated by Democrats, however.

The Republicans in New Jersey and California criticized lawmakers for their change to maintain power.

"People will see what the change of Addiego's party is – the attempted political survival," said Ciattarelli.

But how the voters distributed it they saw the GOP defection.

Dick Bozarth, a retirement 79-year-old building, in Medford, a restaurant in New Jersey, said in the middle of the downtown area of ​​Addiego a bad sign.

"Right now he wants to be with radicals?" he asked. "What do you want to do?" Bozarthe voted Addiego but will not do it again.

Dave DeAngelis, a 65-year-old owner of a rescued car repair facility, recently moved to Berlin, a town in the Addiego district, said he was admitted over the years.

He said that in his local and national offices he has a long political experience and that his political party is not important to him.

"If he still gets his opinions, I do not think this would be a big difference," he said.

The change can further help her: "It is very difficult to be a Republican in this situation," he said. "He would not get anything in the state council, because he has no vote."

Switching in the game can go one way. In Oklahoma, American Johnny Tadlock is a suburb of the southeast region of the state, changed to GOP. Democrats have lost seats in the last two decades.

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