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E-cigarettes are effective in helping you get out of the smokers, according to a study

(At that time, Juul, the top seller of the United States of America, was unavailable in England, Juuli has a much higher concentration of nicotine than 59 milligrams or 35 milligrams).

All participants had the individual direction of their study groups to be close to real life. When vapers ended with a liquid nicotine bottle, they had the opportunity to buy any flavor and nicotine strength.

People who use nicotine replacement therapy should choose a set of products, including patches, rubber, rubber and spray nose. Also combine cheer up he had; Most people did it, usually by choosing patches and oral therapies.

Since self-denial of smoking ceases to be reliable, researchers measure carbon monoxide in the respiration of the participants to obtain a more accurate validation.

Dr. Maciej Goniewicz, a British researcher at the Roswell Park Cancer Center for Buffalo, N. N., said that the success of e-cigarettes is likely to reflect the combination of factors:

"About the delivery method, the amount of nicotine and the behavior of the user," he said. "E-cigarettes have the advantage of deciding when and how to make the user. Nicotinic replacement therapy products have special instructions because they are different products."

Dr. Benowitz has indicated that e-cigarette users' continued rates and compliance may be an overwhelming argument, since they are more responsive to their devices than other products, rather than their products.

In his editorial, Drs. Borrelli and O & Connor reported another study on smoking cessation: a single study, nicotine replacement therapy and antidepressant buproprion (Wellbutrin) were slightly higher than e-cigarettes. Recipe drug varenicline (Chantix) has been a bit better. In addition, these products have been proven with certainty, they said.

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