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Eat 5-Day-Pasta or Rice Eating. Here's how

If we let go of unhealthy meat, we will know that we have to throw it away. But rice or pasta?

Karboarek seems to be fine, even when sitting in the bank a bit, you might think twice about bacteria Bacillus cereus.

It's not particularly strange. B. Cereus Fortunately you can live anywhere, soil, food or gut.

"Famous natural habitats B. Cereus Soils, animals, insects, powders and plants, "says Anukriti Mathur, a biotechnology researcher at the Australian National University, Science Alert.

"Bacteria will be reproduced using foods made from foods [..] including rice, dairy products, spices, nuts and vegetables ".

Some of the stresses of this bacterium are probiotics, but others may give a malicious food poisoning if they grow and proliferate, such as storing food in the wrong conditions.

The worst situation can also cause death.

In 2005, it was registered in that case Clinical Microbiology Magazine – I have five children of the family eating four-day salad salad.

According to the study, the pasta salad was prepared on Friday, leading to the picnic on Saturday. After returning to the picnic, he was kept in the fridge until Monday afternoon, when the children were encouraged to have dinner.

At night, children started to scream and they were taken to the hospital. Tragically, the youngest son died; Another had suffered from hepatic failure but survived, while others had less nutrition poisoning and treated with fluids.

"B. Cereus The cause of pollutant diseases is known, but the infection of this organism usually does not reveal common symptoms, "explained the researchers.

"Due to the famine's failure, a serious case is consumed with pasta salad and it shows a possible seriousness."

While deaths are unfortunately rare, they have recorded more than once in literature. This week, the news was highlighted by another case in 2011, about a Belgian 20-year-old student, who prepared weekly meals. In this unfortunate case, spaghetti was a tomato sauce.

He cooked the pasta five days before and heated the sauce. That day, he unexpectedly left his food in the kitchen bench for a long time. After that, diarrhea, stomach pain and over-the-counter vomiting died that night.

In this case, the response to case studies highlighted two more cases of liver failure and two young people from the young age B. Cereus – 11-year-old Chinese girl ate and 11-year-old child died, eating spaghetti for four days.

Now, before swearing to life, we must emphasize most of the sick people B. Cereus It is not a liver failure. Usually, food is a tender case of poisoning.

"This is important B. Cereus It can cause serious and deadly conditions, such as sepsis, immunization, children, elderly and pregnant women, "says Mathur.

"[Most] Individuals affected are better without treatment over time. These people are not going to the doctor to receive the diagnosis, so they are informed.

But how can a serious poisonous food cause, and can we do anything?

B. Cereus It's a bad habit of eating dangerous toxins. Some of these toxins are very hard to remove from your regular microwave.

For example, toxins that emit humans (called emetic toxins) can suffer at 121 ° C (250 ° F) at 90 °. And that's not the only toxin you'll find in its arsenal.

"Our immune system recognizes the toxin [haemolysin BL] by secrets B. CereusIt's an inflammatory response, "explains Mathur about a bacterial colleagues last year.

"Our research studies demonstrate that toil holes and holes in the holes occur in cells that cause death and inflammation."

His team also identified two ways to neutralize the hemoglobin BL effect, and consequently the death stroke. B. Cereus. The methods block the toxin activity or cause inflammation.

While the early stages of the investigation are still approaching, the group is expected to use these techniques as well as other bacteria to produce the toxin. E. coli.

But most importantly – keep your food in the fridge and cook good hygiene.

"It's important for people to properly clean and prepare food according to the security guidelines," says Mathur.

"Later, the food for heating will destroy most bacteria and toxins as much as possible."

Research is published Nature microbiology.

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