Saturday , July 2 2022

Elon Musk: "70% chance" I'll go to Mars


The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, has said "70% chance".

Musk, at age 47, told Axios that the new HBO program is considered to be just fantasized fantasies that Mars exploration wants to use as a "triphunt" space trip.

"Killing Mars is your probability much higher than Earth," Axios told Mike Alleni. "It will be tough. There is a good chance of death, a bit (true) through deep space."

"We think that you can go back but we are not sure. Now, is it like a bad breath to get rid of rich people?"

Musk said that while Mars's fly would be difficult, Red Planet could create more challenges.

"They would be totally earthy, and when you come up with great success, you will have to stop building the base base," he suggested. "So, you know, it's not a lot of fun, and after all, it's a very hard environment, so … you're dying for this opportunity."

However, Musk said the development of the technology can take flight of Mars in seven years, the price of "about a hundred thousand dollars".

And despite the dangers, Musk said he would definitely go.

"There are many people on the mountain, people are completely dependent on the Everest."

"They want to do the challenge".

Musk, who has colonized MarsX with his SpaceX company, has expressed concern about a possible humanitarian protection plan when Earth's life becomes permanent. Dave Mosher will join the Business Insider in SpaceX & # 39; how to create a space for exploration in Mars.

For more than a decade, SpaceX has developed spectacular aerospace systems: Falcon 1, its first orbital rocket; Grasshopper, a small rocket test runway; Falcon 9, the launcher of the reusable orbital class; Dragon, a spatial cargo and soon NASA astronauts; and Falcon Heavy, super-heavy-lift launcher.

Last week, Washington Post stated that NASA is launching SpaceX and Boeing Security Review, both companies have contracted astronauts with the International Space Station. The move looks like Musk in the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast in September, where you can stop smoking breakfast and see whiskey drinking.

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