Thursday , August 11 2022

Fortunately, your baby's health can be damaged


Do you think your kids would have problems once again in their toddler years? Did you think the morning hours and nightmares woke us up?

Your children have returned to primary education to solve sleep problems? Does your teenager look sweet every day?

These problems are not common, with up to 40 per cent of children and adolescents having trouble sleeping or sleeping.

The good news is to establish quick lifestyle changes and behavioral strategies to help your child stay better.

Group bases directly

As mentioned in the previous columns, bedtime routine and the environment are key factors in promoting good sleep patterns.

Perhaps they were children that were directed to their children, but bad habits were interrupted by breaking the routine or changing the environment around the child.

Take a moment for yourself as a leader in troubleshooting sleep problems.

Does your child give you a permanent stay? Are they worried about TV or tablet hours? Have your rooms changed? Is there too much light? Is it cold or hot?

Analyzing these problems is advisable for simple adjustment.

Daily activity is an afternoon sleep

During that day, your child or teenage boy acts dramatically on sleep patterns and behavior. Healthy eating and physical activity are key factors.

Your child must have a healthy daytime and avoid excess caffeine.

It is also important to organize afternoon lunch. If your children do not eat enough, they will go to bed with hunger, or if they eat too much, they feel uncomfortable and can not sleep.

Physical activity is also important. Your children need to use energy stores and move around the day, otherwise the body will not have to sleep, it will not be enough.

Is your child anxiety to sleep?

Sometimes your children have trouble sleeping with people who do not have health or homework, but they're worried about something they're worried about.

If your child is anxious or worried, it is difficult to sleep. While lying in bed, toys or games or friends do not distract them, it's a great time to worry about their worries.

Your child should ask him if he thinks something and is going to deal with it directly. That is, acknowledge and make it easy for you to help solve the problem in the morning.

Knowing their parents will help them worry about it in the morning, it's enough for a child to feel better and worry.

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