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GoFundMe is a desperate woman of Michigan who uses her heart transplant

A woman in Michigan reveals the story of sacrificing needs for her heart transplant, but her problem is noticed by people.

GoFundMe donated more than $ 28,000 from Hedda Martin Monday after a few days after Spectrum Health's cardiac transplant committee dismissed the 60-year-old female transplant application, she needed a "safer financial plan, a transplant anti-rejection drug.

The suggestion of the committee means "$ 10,000 in effort", according to a letter excluded from the virus. The United Kingdom has to pay two percent of 20% of the money, saying the GoFundMe campaign.

Martin's son, Alex Britt, set up the fund, he says, "Motherhood is necessary to set the transplant list and be in favor of losing valuable time," we are asking all the questions. "

An ambulatory dog ​​and pet nightmare is facing congestive heart failure after more than a decade of chemotherapy for breast cancer, he wrote his son. Martin "needs a minimum of 20 years in his life … if he gets a new heart," wrote Alex.

In a long statement, Spectrum Health, a medical doctor with 14 medical hospitals, said that private patients could not say for their privacy.

"Because we can not always transplant a transplant, we are committed to ensuring that transplants are successful and that donors are viable," said the doctor. "We think carefully about heart and lung transplant procedures to examine candidates, and often complex and difficult decisions are made."

Spectrum said that it was aimed at the well-being of the patient, but "transplants require constant attention and immunosuppressive drugs, and therefore costs are sometimes a weak and essential factor in the decision making process."

Martin has caught the story of the media attention, the letter of refusal of United States Secretary of State Alexandrie Ocasio-Cortez, instead of the New York democracy. "Insurance groups recommend GoFundMe as an official policy, where the dying clients are not killed, but it is certain that the only payment is not reasonable," he wrote.

Participation Martin may be a great exception, but it does not obtain free donations in bills related to his or her health. The medical campaigns are one of the most important part of the GoFundMe financial aid that is taking place in conjunction with the worldwide donations of sites with medical expenses.

More than 250,000 medical campaigns in the world have earned an average of around 650 million dollars a year, saying that this site excludes the crowdfunding portfolio business, like YouCaring and CrowdRise. That's roughly $ 330 million, average GoFundMe commemorative campaigns, averaging $ 230 million for emergency campaigns and $ 70 million for educational funds.

"Every day in GoFundMe, we are facing challenges facing Americans in the face of rising healthcare system fractures, their stories are often confusing, and we're trying to become a place where people need help and help," said the MarketWatch spokesman.

"With the advances in the Merkean Care Act, the coverage of treatments, prescriptions and associated health costs increases even if the insured patients," said the spokesman. Payment for new lost income therapy.

The site stressed that it did not want to be a "social security replacement network", "the crowdfunding platform can not be a solution to complex and systemic problems that need to address significant public problems."

The healthcare market was widespread and the right to fight, GoFundMe said. "Meanwhile, we will continue to work hard to provide a place where Americans can help each other".

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Expenses increases health costs both in employer-sponsored premiums and in the pocket. In fact, medical expenses accounted for 17.4% of gross domestic product in 2016, a very high time, according to a report published last month by the Economic Policy Institute.

Healthcare was the most important aspect in the last half elections, according to some surveys. In fact, other studies are the main cause of personal banknotes that tell medical bills.

It has internet-based risks with the help of internet medical bills. The patient expects enough money and arrives in time. Patients in need of organ transplants should, for example, have enough illness to be included in the transplant list, and in those cases, they only need months or weeks to find the necessary finances and donors.

In the meantime, high-frequency lenders must make sure they are using the money properly. Although Martin does not have any suggestions, it will happen.

In a recent high profile, prosecutors from New York have risen by a couple of years and homeless people seem to be giving donors more than $ 400,000 in the GoFundMe campaign. The campaign was supposed to help homeless men to support a record that lasted $ 20 dollars. GoFundMe said that lenders were caught in this case.

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