Monday , August 2 2021

Green Bay Packers made their debuts after Aaron Rodgers made a loss

MINNEAPOLIS: Aaron Rodgers did something.

There was no Green Bay Packers running a "table run" – he was 4-6 years old at the 2016 mantra and he was out in the NFC Championship.

Twenty-two minutes later, on Sunday, it was in Minnesota, Packers dropped to 0-6 and lost 4-1-1 overall on Sunday night at 24-17 U.S. Bank Stadium

"I know how to behave better," he said. "But I'll do it. We'll be in the position".

And Rodgers finished his postgame press conference.

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Previously, however, he acknowledged his best that it might not have been enough to save this season. Yes, there are five available games, because the rest of the schedules are linked to Rams the simplest NFL. But after defeating Vikings, the playoffs were lost at 9-6-1.

"You can break the numbers right there," Rodgers said. "I can say 8-7-1 will not get it. But I do not think so.

"Where we are in today's hard drive, we're working with some teams and then we take care of our business. Do you know? A way to win a game on the road is on the 0-6 road, so return home, take a break, beat Arizona … . And then go back and win Atlanta … then go to Chicago, we won a lot, win … go to New York in Christmas, win … and then beat Detroit, beat them. Get some help. "

Like most of these season, Rodgers's work was not horrible. It was not as accurate as in the last few seasons. After finishing the game, Davanth Adams could have had a 20-meter rehearsal in the fourth quarter, and decided to go to San Marcos at the end of the match. One week earlier in Seattle, the third passed to third place by Marquez Valdes-Scantling in the final position.

If Packers lost their playoffs, they made their first ever since Rodgers started in 2008. In the last year, he lost half the season with a broken road. This year, despite starting a week of knee injuries every week, it is no longer a factor.

"That's definitely frustrating," said Rodgers, whose lonely Super Bowl season came in 2010. "Obviously, the beard is a bit more gray than a few years ago. I know football mortality is catching on for everyone and you do not want to miss a season. We're going to fight over the next five weeks and get ready to talk. As I always said, so we have to win these five and see what happens. "

Rodgers made reference to the 2016 season, when the playoffs were a 4-6 long shot.

Packers are still looking for "galvanization momentum" because Rodgers referred 10 days earlier as a result of Seattle's loss.

"We'll see what we've done in the last five weeks," said Rodgers. "When we start to splinter, we will meet with hard times, or when we start splintering? We think that we think about leadership, as it happens, but it will appear in five weeks."

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