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House & # 39; Charleston window & # 39; bill he spins the gun in the background

The Bill, HR 1112, Jim Clyburn Rep., South Carolina Democrat and sponsor. He was an Assistant Democrat in Democracy.

The law has a current law law, before the weapons can be carried out by the merchants of licensed merchants, the Dylann Roof can buy a gun in 2015 and the death of nine Ms. Emanuel Church. In Charleston, one of the historically most famous South Carolina churches.

Following the arrests of the Roof arrest after his arrest on drugs, he was not allowed to buy a pistol in the basket. However, the Roof review was being arrested in Columbia, South Carolina, police, arrested by Roof, who was not in the process of controlling the background control of the FBI, who were considered guilty of errors in the record of defects. As the roof background lasted more than three days, the gun owner was allowed to sell Roof. The law allows the gun seller to sell weapons while it lasts more than three days in the background.

The bill passed from 228 to 198 Thursday would extend the period of revision of funds between three days and 10 days, as lawmakers said the FBI would have more time to complete the background checks.

This law, like bills to verify the universal passed on Wednesday, had a bipartisan support; The Republican Peter King was co-sponsor of New York.

How they moved after their worship houses attacked

On a Thursday morning speech, Clyburn told the referendum not to discuss the Senate's stoppage. The leaders of the House of Representatives have stated that it is "difficult" that the gun control legislation will soon take into account this chamber, according to John Thune Sen, a GOP member of the Senate. Republicans control 53 seats in the Senate, most of the legislation requires 60 votes to go forward.

"Follow legalization legalization. One day, it can stop," Clyburn said. "I'm making a window to my corridor, what I know what my components know for the Capitol that I know".

He added: "We allow the Senate to do their job or do their job, whatever it fits. I will never stop because my constituents do not seek the Senate."

Fresh Cunningham Joe Cunningham, Democratic South Carolina, who represents the neighborhood of Charleston, protects the law. He appoints the "owner of the gun manager", who believes in the law of gunpowder but who still believes in gun laws.

"This Charleston loop closes with a common sense and a pragmatic solution with a bipartisan solution," Cunningham said, and said: "The elected officials have an obligation to make things worse, nothing will change or change anything, nothing will change."

Jennifer Pinckney, Clementa Pinckney, a widowed Reverend, welcomed the members of the congress before their vote, when two young daughters got together.

Congresswoman shares the story of domestic violence to defend the gun background check bill

"I am just waiting for this prayer and we can close that loophole in the right heart that they have entered into a church, because it was a direct consideration, because the person who came to praise the Lord came with another intention," said Mother Emmanuel's astonishing events tweeted in June 2015.

After voting, the civil rights icon and Georgia Dem Democratic. John Lewis warned Republicans that they should be "unchanged" in the Senate.

"Homemakers and Americans will organize as we have organized before, a movement, a crusade, against gun violence," Lewis told CNN. "The election should say something and there will be another election and people will commit to abolish the power to vote and vote in the senate."

CNN's Pamela Brown, Evan Perez and Don Lemon contributed to this report.

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