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How can you announce that you are protected against Elgorri?

In the south of California, he has raised many questions about what he wants to protect against an outburst. Different criteria for children and adults.

For adults: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is protected if you receive a dose of measles and that you are not in the high risk area for the transmission of the measles.

High-risk settings include students in secondary school, healthcare, and internationally trained people.

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If you arrive in a high-risk area, you must receive two doses of measles.

Also, if you confirm that you are in a test for your laboratory, you have confirmed in a moment of your life.

And if you were born before 1957, you are protected.

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Do adults need a helix hole? CDC says no. According to their experts, two people who received two doses against squelch were dosed, according to the US vaccination schedule, they are protected and need no rebound.

If you think you were suffering from measles, call your doctor immediately.

You can determine your immunity in your vaccine history or through a laboratory test.

The measles is very contagious, the virus may last for up to two hours in an air cough that coughs or sneezes an infected person.

According to the CDC, if a person has a measles virus, 90% of non-related immune diseases will be infected.

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