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How Donald Trump and Fed can turn on the "shock and awe" market rally

JP Morgan's Executive Director Adam Crisafulli has a great deal of hope in the stock market, but only if the necessary movements are required.

"The shock and awe-upside scenes instantly combine US-China fares, and some fare-sensitive companies allow the 2019 orientation to rise, with the Fed retaining reserves at $ 1.3T + $. Everything needs to happen If SPX will easily escape it to 3K. "

To play Crisafulli's future outlook, S & P 500

SPX, -0.05%

It should be up to 200 points or more than 7% to the current level, according to the CNBC's commentary on Wednesday.

Fed has not yet decided on the amount of bank reserves to be made in its balance sheet. Lewis Alexander, chief economist at Nomura Securities, said $ 1.6 trillion will be $ 1.6 trillion in current $ 1.1 trillion.

More colors are expected at the FOMC meeting in March.

In Trump and China, it seems that Wall Street analysts even though the Lehendakari rejected China's new freight tariffs if it did not remove stock market shares.

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Crisafulli, however, acknowledged that the combination of Fed pivot, improved corporate profits and Chinese trade tensions eased most of S & P 500 into today's baked baking.

"There is still a surge in the issues of these situations, but the odds in them do not seem great," he wrote.

Finally check, Dow

DJIA, -0.28%

and S & P commercials were smaller, while Nasdaq

COMP, + 0.07%

it was bigger

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