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How to Land on Mars

Check the weather
Landing 3 hours before

Artist's image for NASA / Martin Kornmesser

After six months of land, the nuclear InSight must be moved to the red planet.

Before landing three hours before, mission trackers will allow the InSight timeline or alignment to avoid dangerous Martian windshields.

Cross section separately
Landing 13 ¾ minutes beforehand

Before entering InSight Martian, the spacecraft will punch in its solar panel cruise phase and go to the battery.

Light and communications take 8 minutes and 7 seconds to reach Lurrera Marsira, so we do not know that InSight landing has been a success or failure.

Enter the atmosphere
6 ¾ minutes before landing

InSight March will enter into a thin atmosphere about 12,300 kilometers per hour.

Ships to survive at a 12-degree angle. They will burn too steep and InSight; It is a very small surface and will go back to the atmosphere again.

Navigate a parachute
3 minutes, 7 seconds before landing

InSight will slow down quickly as tears through Martian atmosphere, and then over seven thousand Supersonic parachute will rise above the surface.

Put on the heat shield
2 minutes before landing in 52 seconds

A firework pyrotechnics release the InSight heat shield after the hot inlet. It is more than hidden in pre-missions, when forced, when InSight is dusty.

Spread the legs
2 minutes before landing in 42 seconds

Ten seconds later, more pyrotechnics will open three absorbent absorption spindles of the spacecraft. After that, InSight will lighten its lower perception radar.

Lower shell fall
45 seconds before landing

Less than a minute before the explosion, InSight will be released and its parachute and rear crash will be farther away for a moment.

Soft rockets
44 seconds before landing

There will be 12 small rockets that will break into the ground by slowing down and moving away from the jumping track.

Slow down
15 seconds before landing

After paralyzing the horizontal movement, InSight will start a gentle fall of about eight feet per second.

Land on Mars

NASA wants to receive land confirmation on Monday 2:53. East Time

If InSight successfully touches it, it will be the first shipyard landing in March 2012.

InSight's Forecast

landing area

InSight's Forecast

landing area

InSight's Forecast

landing area

InSight's Forecast

landing area

InSight is a broad equation called Elysium Planitia.

The plank can make boring photos, but it's a great place to look at the interior of the planet.

Solar panels unfurl
After 20 minutes

After several minutes it was broken until dusty landed, InSight will open two solar panels.

After several days of landing, it will take images that take their place of verification and landing.

Get it working
After a few days

After days and weeks of landing, InSight will examine its surroundings, measure around the plant and measure the picture, and then use a robotic arm with three Martian surface tools.

Under the protector of the comet, the exact sound seismometer will listen to the muscles and the burrowing heat tests will measure the interior temperatures of the planet.

To learn more about InSight to expect Marsen to learn, see a bottom-up mission or explore InSight and Mars in an augmented reality.

Last Mars landings

NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory / University of Arizona

The Curiosity rover August 2012 at Gale Crater, 340 kilometers south of Southern InSight, planned landing.

Nonsense is less like a dark point, inside the dark patch of landing, where the earth's shiny surface was evaporated.

NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory / University of Arizona

InSight's design has earned a great success for the successful Phoenix mission, and in 2008 Martian moved to the North Pole pole.

An orbital spacecraft dropped Phoenix and its parachute photography to the Heimdal crater.

Successful landings

NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory / University of Arizona

In 2016, the landing of Schiaparelli fell to Mars due to the estimations of the altitude when the heat shield began early.

NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory / University of Arizona

And in 2003, Beagle 2 landed successfully, but could not communicate with the Earth after its expansion of all its solar panels.

Beagle 2 is a small midpoint point high above.

Six months in Marsara

Mars approaches the elliptical orbit every two years. InSight was launching this window to minimize travel time.

InSight Launch

May 5, 2018

InSight Launch

May 5, 2018

InSight Launch

May 5, 2018

Mars took place around the Earth at the end of July, and will return again in 2020 to launch the next Mart's (and helicopter) vehicle.

InSight Mars traveled quite quickly, compared to other missions launched in 2018. BepiColombo space will last seven seven feet to reach Mercurio and Parker Solar Probe will touch the sun in seven years.

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Sources: NASA; Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Caltech. Updates of the Planetary Society's time estimates, even when specific times arrive at landing conditions. Unless NASA / JPL-Caltech's images are flagged.

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