Monday , July 4 2022

Intel still prepares a 10-generation Intel Core processor 14nm but it may have more power! – Pokde


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Intel is releasing a new generation of 14nm processor-based Intel Core processors. Now, it's probably better! Intel is working on a 10-core processor by pressing AMD where it hurts.

The Intel 10-core processor must be more severe than the latest Intel Core i9 9900K version. This consumes a busload of power and swallows a heat truck. So it will not be 5 GHz, and it will probably improve the welding between the IHS and it will die to heat the heat.

Intel's 10nm process is still not ready for the proper season, the new X. Generation, which is coded in Comet Lake. As a new processor, Intel has responded to the 10-core Ryzen processor of AMD's rumor. It was previewed by the Intelligent Intel Core 9 Processor.

New processors will take part in the LGA115x main platform, Intel's HEDT platform. This will also include the majority of Intel's main processors included. When you talk about this, do you think the number of 10 nm 11-core Intel Core processors will appear?

Pokdepinion: I think Intel Core i9 9900K is already enough for most users. Intel should democratize the HEDT platform for more users. They already have 10C / 20T CPUs on the X299 platform.

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