Monday , June 21 2021

Internal Secretary Ryan Zinke says the California Fire Camp costs millions more likely

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/ Source: Associated Press

PARADISE, Calif. – The costs associated with a murder in North Karmen will be billions, United States Secretary Ryan Zinke said Monday that he had returned to Paradise, never seen this destruction.

"I like things a lot to spend on spending this federal money, but rather destroying things," he said. Zinke merged with other public services, such as enhancing the experience of the Yosemite National Park visitors or making money.

On Monday no more sand was found, but the tide of the desert death rose in the 88's. The researchers concluded that there were three separate groups of human traits, more than one person.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said 203 names have not been listed after the Camp Fire field ranges from 140 miles north of San Francisco following the list. He released names of 16 dead people in Blake between the ages of 58-95.

The pace of the recently discovered track record has slowed down in recent days, and it has been said that the search engines are making "good progress" as if they were a dead person, according to the method.

"The remains that are currently being recovered are now almost completely destroyed," he said. Anthropologists pay attention to the fragments of the coroners to identify traces, he said.

Undoubtedly, he said that the places that were in the immediate vicinity and the dead were to search for places that could be dead and search for propagation in unstable areas of destruction.

The United States government has distributed more than $ 20 million to assist displaced persons in disaster disasters in Northern California. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reported Monday on Monday, hundreds of search engines continue to seek more human footprints.

Paradise citizens and surrounding communities destroyed 14,000 homes in a massive forest after spending more than two weeks in a week.

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