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IPhone's Google Fi: minimum features, lower prices

Since its launch In 2015, Google's best Project Fi technology businesses have been quiet. It is an alternative to the main agents, simplified data plans, simple international use and other profits. Advertisements: Only Google's Nexus and Pixel phones-and, lately, third-party Android options – have worked. That changes on Wednesday, with a slightly new Google Fi name on top of the latest Android phones and iPhones running on iOS 11 or higher.

As always, there is a catch, whose size depends on the phone's phone number. It is worth mentioning, however, why the first thing might be to talk, especially if you do not know Google.

Unlike third-largest giant US givers, unlike the world's Verizons and Sprints, Google Fi does not use its own network. Instead of T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. CellPhones, your phone is shut down every time it offers the most powerful connection at any time. This transforms it into a "mobile mobile operator" rather than a suitable carrier. In practice, this does not matter much to you unless you have a solid coverage with hypothetical coherence.

Where are you? will be notice the difference in direct prices. In Google Fi, you send monthly calls and messages per month to $ 20 per month, and cost $ 10 per gigabyte, up to a maximum of 6 GB. Most likely pay; Any data in that limit is free, although Google will start with 15GB. (You can not grow at $ 10 per gigabyte at that time to recover full speed.) Other wrinkles: You pay for the data you actually use. If you clicked on 2.5GB, for example, you'll get $ 5.

What is easy to explain? Google Fi also has long-term contracts; You pay for a month and go if you want. It costs the data internationally at home, at least in most countries.

But Google Fi was as great as it was all the time, the device's choice resigned. Google's Pixel line is consistently wonderful, but expensive. And Project Fi and Pixel options were a bit like a couple of LG and Motorola devices. Mostly, it has left millions of iPhone owners in the cold.

Eventually, they'll be able to access Google Fi on Wednesday, but here are the lies. The iOS compatibility is technically beta, so it's less likely to experience less than a smooth experience. It also allows important side functions, such as visual voice messages, calls and texts via Wi-Fi, spam detection automation and the international network.

Similarly, those designed specifically for Android-based non-Android smartphones, Pixels and LG and Motorola devices could not change in any way, such as T-Mobile and Sprint, or Wi-Fi and cellular phones. It will not be spam blocking and Wi-Fi calls and texts will also be missing. When you're stuck on older Android 7.0 devices, you're lucky. It's half of all the Android smartphones that are currently used.

They are bad sounds, but you probably can think of many of these features of your current carrier first. And even more helpful is how much they will pay for you. Google Fi's real appeal has always been its simplicity and availability, and none of it remains of the two devices.

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