Monday , July 4 2022

Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette has canceled a match


While Jacksonville Jaguars is running, Leonard Fournette has suspended the NFL for a game of unforeseeable sports and unnecessary roughness.

Fournette will miss the 13th week of Jacksonville with Indianapolis Colts, with Buffalo Bills on Sunday after losing Jags. He has made three days to present an appeal for suspension.

The vice president of NFL football players Jon Runyan explained Fournette's suspension in the following statement: "The sport is the main focus of the game and the League does not play any gambling behavior in the absence of the game and the respect of the party … In the video of the conflict you were not a participant to play and your You moved away from the field where you were going to go on to enter into a fight as an active participant, you've come to the battlefield and then become a member of the opposing team, your actions are reflected in the NFL in the winter and they do not play in the game. "

Fournette and Bills linebacker Shaq Lawson was eliminated from Buffalo's 24-21 wins after the third quarter failed. The great Jags receiver after Dogo Moncrief followed Buffalo's line-up. Both teams started trading on the Moncrief and Bills court with Levi Wallace. Fournette and Lawson went along the battle after each other, and after they had been expelled, they had to be removed from the tunnel.

"Your brothers are attacking, they are fighting there, you have to go there and you must also protect yourself, but at the same time professionally now, I mean, you can not do that," Fournette told reporters after they had been prevented. "We will ask all the children for forgiveness, for me and for all our fans. The main thing is the complete loss, as far as I am concerned, with full responsibility". Fournette also released a record on Instagram on Sunday.

Fournette probably next week, Carlos Hyde and T.J. Yeldon won the defensive defense of Colts' 13th division.

The Launette team has the right to return to the team on December 3 against the Indianapolis against Jacksonville.

If Fournette's appeals, Derrick Brooks or James Thrash, the NFL and NFLPA would have to appoint and compensate the company as well as Derrick Brooks or James Thrash.

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