Monday , June 14 2021

James Harden's 54 points is not enough to boost comets on lower wizards

The Rockets lost to the false Wizards, Monday night, overtime, with 135-131 points. James Harden was horrified, especially in his James Harden, but the team around him sucks, and Rockets is no longer attacking him in a reliable way, and he expects Harden to make enough cube enough to take the day .

Harden earned 54 points for the double ended double-ended double-combination combinations. However, he was guilty of 11, and the Houston crime was running outright in the fourth quarter and overtime, wizards wicked and permanently harassed by a strange sequence of definitive defensive strikes. Harden's 13 assistances were introduced in the first eight months, with red-and-white Wizards without defenses, but also in Harden's defense of the walls in the space between the tight barriers and the corral Harden's waiting space. Defender and defender of his recovery. It was a whisper before he made a rumor, and Harden made a hot meal, reading help and hanging a little, and helping with the help.

Wizards adjusted according to the forecasts in the second quarter, turning the screens on and Harden shot at 33 points in half-rounds of the game. Markieff Morris watched over the top 3: 5 of the video above; watch on a race screen and slide it down on another boat 3:27; see Rockets engineer Tomas Satoransky shifts to 3:36, a clutch for a bowl. Wizards lost the great defense of Spurs and tried to fall into the third quarter, but Harden was cooking, and yet Rockets could isolate both Harden Satoransky and Jeff Green from both of these signatures to the Third.

But as the game progressed, and all Rockets followed the Harden dribble sequence or after another screen screen, the disorganized and demoralized Wizards finally approached. It was pretty easy. In fact, Rockets would send a big screen and force large screen covers, but aggressively and on the right shovel. As Harden revealed clearly, Harden's advocates had a good night's sleep on the screen and he recovered Harden so he could get into the defense. It's basically a trap, but there's no magic there. Warriors, for example, is to kill him completely when the shot is shot in the deep shot – a dump-off pass that catches the ball over the shot line but is behind the two defenders that are involved in this action – and can play next It allows men to scrambling against an advantage against the defense. It is not excessive to unlock the exact opposite of this specific defense for Draymond Green's offensive excellence for Golden State.

But the Rockets are missing two things. They do not have a Green-like screener who is trustworthy for the next play, with a couple of tough dribbles and a rim to have a fast finish in the finish or perimeter shooter. But, more importantly, those who disappear are not considered real offensives by combining James Harden in perimeter with another insulation vessel. When Wizards was doing something more and more, Harden began to create blame for a reasonable defense. Monday night, unexpectedly having a proposition. Harden probably played a 47-minute basketball game with Eric Gordon's heavy break, Harden's glow and Eric Gordon's heroic night, nothing happened. But this is also predicted through your crime, that James Harden's "Something Surprising", and probably why Rockets was offensive to the last season's offensive season between the first and the ninth. He has never wanted to catch the league!

In this way, Rockets rolled in five minutes in the opening hour in two minutes, with Harden's hand and a clock-set and Bradley Beal's defense. Beal overcame the left hand of Harden, probably in theory, that Harden could not create any injustice, he will not be able to move it quickly to a wheel sweater. It is a bet, and Harden wins every victory, but here he tried to pass the ball more than once, and he did not believe that he could get it to the left to kick or deflect. cup Unless otherwise noted, Harden did this:

Two possessions later, Harden arranged Next after making three Harriers in defense of Wizards, Harden was superimposed on the left wing, led to the right and exploded in front of him. And that was the ball. Side playmakers, an offensive engine exhausted, and nothing wrong with the half and the way of James Harden stops combining in hell, let the Rockets defensive adjustment quite easy to counterpunch. Overplay Harden left his hand, and his screen hinders the way around. As a fan of Wizards, I found this beautiful. As a basketball fan, he noticed how much Rocket had to realize that Harden was in dire need for heavy difficulty and against a scalable difficulty, by opposing teams that were at least 48 minutes away and 100 owned. improve their defense approach.

Rockets continues below 5,500 every year, and now they have lost three straight lines in the Eastern Conference, which are quite remarkable. Chris Paul and James Harden have lost 19 combinations of Houston seven matches, and of course they are much easier on the ground. But it will never be nice. Its strong clarity stands out, a sharpened trick in Houston often works, but the late clock, the one-owner, there is no disturbance to the isolation crime, is literally a percentage point. Only one hour of clockwork and one attitude, the other team has spent a great deal of time to defend it.

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