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Johnny Flynn will play David Bowie New Biopic STARDUST

But keep it: it can be a catch.

For more than three years since David Bowie was tragically dead, we were waiting for two years and 364 days to announce a David Bowie biopic. While some of them are developing, while studying in one studio or another, it seems that the Movie Constellation will be the first one by Gabriel Range Stardust.


With Hollywood Reporter, Johnny Flynn (see the Amazon series) Vanity Fair) began to make a good start, focusing on "rising" cinema [Bowie]Since the beginning of his first visit to America in 1971, he invented an iconic alter ego from Ziggy Stardust. "The production will begin this June.

THR says Film Constellations are trying to find "the Berliners' EFM buyer's movie presentation", but buyers prefer household chores before signing contracts: Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, production has not allowed his father's music to be used.

Is it possible that Range and the company work with David Bowie biopic? … does not David Bowie have any music? We think it is possible, but it seems that anyone imagines what he wants to do.

Sounds like some drama about such a thing, so they may be up to date while the updates go ahead. In the meantime, everything you see suggests Velvet Goldmine. It's awful.

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