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LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, standing up for Cleveland Cavaliers


CLEVELAND – LeBron James returned to the Quicken Loans Arena for the first time, as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, on Wednesday, in honor of Cleveland enthusiasts.

Cleveland Cavaliers, Sean Peebles, was finally rescued by the public prosecutor James Lakers, presenting Lakers as his starting line. The referee responded with James and a shower with James, with a score of 32 points a minute earlier, with an increase of 14 rebounds and 7 aids, with 109-105 in the previous team.

"For eleven years, I acted for this franchise, I tried everything, both in court and outside of the court – imagine this city without much respect for this community, leading the ground to be the ground leader," said James after the game. "And I got back and received it tonight, it means a lot, not only myself, but my family and friends were tonight, and my homework is at home.

After the initial annotation, James Frye Channing and Larry Nance Jr. former members of the group were dismissed to go to the central court when Tristan Thompson raised his personal deed.

James won first place in Lakers, when he was caught by the ball, and Lakers won 2-0 after winning the score.

On October 2, December 2, 2010, the scene was very far away, when James was nominated for the first time as Miami Heat, and Cavs had to hire extra security for a lively atmosphere. Of course, when James returned to 2010, there was not a Cavs championship banner rafters hanging on either.

In the first half of the first first season, Cavs showed a videotape video in James, "Thank you in court, but we know it's more than basketball".

James passed on Wednesday at I Academy of Acronyms Academy (Ohio), opened this summer, taking advantage of corporate relationships to finance youth goals.

Earned by UNINTERRUPTED's eight documents and ESPN +, LeBron James and Maverick Carter will reach Akron to a world stage. See on ESPN +

A close friend and business partner, Maverick Carter, was sitting next to the Lakers bench. Two fans joined the Lakers near the court near the tunnels come up with the game Cavs and James Lakers jerseys mashed – read "Clev-ers", read another "Lak-land."

"Another game, really," James told ESPN this week, facing the game. "I did not think too much. Our team is a very different team, of course, still some of my Swish boys [JR Smith] and double T [Thompson], Kev [Kevin Love] and Channing returned – when we won this title. But the makeup is completely different. Very different situation. Coach [Tyronn] Lue is gone. Of course, Griff [former general manager David Griffin] it's gone I think everything started in Rie [Kyrie Irving] trade So, it is a very different feeling. "

When James approached, two and a half hours earlier, on his face, he turned his face to the street booth for visitors, playing with the heat. He was approached by a judge of about 10 minutes before the crowd went to the stadium, admitted to the opposition, was loudly introduced formally and paid tribute to the video.

Cavs coach Larry Drew, assistant to Cleveland for the last four years, James Cavs played four straight NBA Finals and took part in the 2016 championship. Previously, the organization could do any other thing to keep its homegrown superstar.

"I do not believe that we did anything as we did," Drew said. "I mean, because of the decision made by the players, when he attended his career, he has to look for himself, he has to look after his family, and the decision to make the decision is the best, what they are doing and the decision to decide. I was really surprised. I really know that they really expected him to come back, but Bron is a real procedure, he will take the best decision and he will take the right of himself and his family and his career, and that is what he did. "

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, usually sitting next to Cleveland Bank Courthouse, did not go there, in a planned family-friendly meeting in Thanksgiving, according to a group spokeswoman.

James wore white and white Nike LeBron 7 on San Vincent-St. The colors of Mary High School, originally released in 2009 – their first season of Cavs last season – in the game.

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