Monday , August 15 2022

Mariners have reported that Robinson Cano is trading; Here are nine potential destinations


The sailors already sell to James Paxton and Mike Zunino this season and it appears They are in the midst of fire-fighting sales. In this sense, it is reasonable to market Robinson Cano. Certainly, Athletic's Ken Rosenthal is trying to get "CEO" by CEO Jerry Dipoto.

Well, let's find a house.

First of all, Cano will not be easy for the Ships without moving an important part of their wages without eating any important part. They might be ready to be ready to build again at the time. Over the next five seasons he will have to pay 120 million dollars. There is no option when zero is open. He is 36 years old and has passed away during a PED exile period. He played for 80 games. He won 303 / .374 / .471 (136 OPS +), ten medals and 50 RBI. He can still do it. Most of the numbers show that it is still acceptable on the second base, but before the end of the agreement or the DH motion is inevitable.

We already narrowed the field here narrowly, right? Here are some groups that make at least one sense. Note that, in all cases, mariners should take a large part of Cano's salary and / or receive a bad deal.

I decided to go to the Seattle car to get to know the foreign list and the circumstances. Rockies and, above all, intrigue me among the nations.

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