Monday , June 21 2021

Melania Trump's Red Christmas Trees in Handmaid's Tale & # 39; story for Twitter users

The Melania Trump Christmas decorations are literally seen by red people.

The first woman posted a video on Twitter on Monday, explaining how the White House will decorate this holiday season.

Say: The first family home is a pardon, in a very red condition, including amongst trees, including a specific crime issue.

Red blood red trees reminded many Twitter users of one thing: "The Handmaid's Tale", a dystopian drama about the society that subdues Hulu's wife.

Others reminded us of the terrifying nature of cultural culture.

Others felt the former lady.

Some things tried to put positive things.

Samantha Bee appeared with the spirit of holiday and Christmas wanted Trump.

It is becoming a mandatory tradition to confuse Christmas decorations.

Last year's Halloween appeals were criticized as it seemed better than Christmas by Halloween, Inside Edition.

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