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Michael Avenatti says, "I've been shelving" throughout the year


"I've been a bit appalling, I have been very shy, it's been a big boom and it's been a lot, and I've tried not to get too big," said Avenatti. Interview with CNN. "Sometimes I have failed, but I have tried not to make much progress. For the moment I do not try to go too far."

Like the victory, its minims had a quick succession on the coast. In the southern districts of New York and the central suburbs of California, the US prosecutor was charged with a number of financial crimes with a potential imprisonment of more than 300 years, including Nike and 36 supposedly incurred criminals. He has denied charges.

"I'm a fighter, I've always been a fighter, and I'm going to anticipate the events that many people will take to make the opinion they need," he said. "It's only a side view of the story. .

He catapulted Avenatti's style. His ongoing legal maneuvers and media experts kept up his mind. He began with the lawsuit for American conscience. Stormy Daniels represented the adult actress, led by President Donald Trump and Michael Cohen, a lawyer-appointed company.

In a court or a television studio, a failure is not in the Steering Wheel of Avenatti, but there are many situations now a few months ago when it began to talk about the democratic nomination and nationwide nomination. .

During the conversation, tears began to appear on the edges of the eyes, when he began to think what he was and what he should lose.

"It's a trip, and whatever happens, I've had a great life, I can dream a lot, I've had many opportunities. I've done several things in my 48 years. A lot of people would never be able to do it," Avenatti said.

He then responded to the time of the imprisonment.

"If I was not afraid of it, something with me would be fundamentally wrong for me, as a human being, as a human being."

How did we get here

Daniel was a non-disagreement agreement Days signed before the 2016 presidential election. Daniels left the 130,000 dollars trump with Trump in Trump with his trump on trump in 2006 with Trump.

"At first Stormd wanted to release the NDA. I saw the case in a broader sense," Avenatti said. "In that case, Donald Trump and Michael Cohen were considered elections for 2016, I went through the relationship with Stormy Daniels. I've been calling for campaign funding from the first meeting with Stormy Daniels."

On the day Davis presented Daniels with the name of Avenatti, he used the name of Stephanie Clifford in a television, newspaper and magazine interview.

"I would expect to be in New York for around three days, about three weeks later," he told New York, "Avenatti said. "That's why I was much more than I expected, a huge burden of financial, and it's not questionable about that."

In a few months, President Avenatti and Cohen were compensated, rival Avenatti warned of his persistence and contemptuous attitude.

"Clifford's lawyer would demand a victory if a bus has been attacked," Cohen told the Brent Blakely lawyer, after a judge dismissed Daniels's case against his client.

But Avenatti was not far from the fight. He continued his client's defense knight. The challenge of participating in Cohen's agreement after months was a great break. FBI retreated to Cohen's office and home.

So, after the South East region of New York, Cohen investigated financial operations, he cited Robert Mueller's special advice. Cohen finally endorsed nine numbers of penalties, as well as lying down to the Congress. The next month he must report his jail.

Avenatti and Daniels were the moment of his "I said you".

"SDNY deserves the work done, others are worthy of credit, but I have a hand that's right? I'm not sure," Avenatti said.

Daniel and Avenatti were distributed in different ways. It was friendship. But then he was arrested, and Daniel made a tweak that he was "sorry but not surprised" and then Avenatti treated his "evil".

Accusations of extortion and fraud

However, the southern region of New York goes after Avenatti. Nike will be charged in a case of extortion.

According to the criminal lawsuit, Avenatti threatened to publicly endorse the accusations of recruiting of university recruitment If Nike does not respond to his demands: he has contracted $ 1.5 million to his client, $ 15 million, and $ 25 million and he or she would pay for internal research, or $ 22.5 million, and no research.

Instead of an agreement, Nike called the FBI, and the FBI began recording meetings.

Avenatti has not denied his charges against him.

Nike is still denouncing the college basketball competition for Nike players.

In a statement on CNN, the company said: "Nike does not respond to allegations of federal charges against fraud and extortion. Nike will continue to cooperate with local basketball and its extracurricular research."

In the last decade, Avenates has achieved its goals. He has lived a rich and famous lifestyle, racing cars, buying a coffee chain, wearing Tom Ford outfits and exquisite watches.

California prosecutors state that at least their life was being scammed.

And now, the new forecast is much darker: the potential of the time of imprisonment. In California, charging taxes against him, without paying taxes, without stealing five customers and fraudulent banking.

"There are many things inside this accusation. I totally agree with many, many things," Avenatti said. "For over 20 years, Davids has been fighting for Goliath as a lawyer. I have more than $ 1,000 in shares and agreements. I'm very happy with my clients and I thank them for their work." I've done it. "

Michael Avenatti helped a 9-year-old boy from Guatemala to return to his mother

When asked about the irony that faces more charges than his favorite destination, Coatz did not miss Avenatti.

"It's different that Michael Cohen was convicted. I have not been," he said.

But when he began to tell his life and his life, his eyes shook again.

"I can not eat you, otherwise you just need to do it, just go to a fetal position to browse and draw," he said, "and I do not go out, so I do not want to get out – the deadline."

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