Saturday , January 23 2021

Microsoft Performs 100,000 HoloL Specialized Displays for the U.S Army

Microsoft wins a US $ 480 million contract. HoloLens headphones will sell 100,000 HoloLens headphones to the Navy, according to Bloomberg.

U.S Armada made a bidding process for a new program, that is, its troops "allow lethality to help improve the ability to detect, decide and engage the enemy" in battle. Microsoft was just one of the interested contractors, with the likes of Magic Leap, showing interest.

The new contract continues with the relationship with Microsoft's Department of Defense. The company potentially makes specialized versions of HoloLens for the United States Army. Bloomberg has stated that the Army has called for features such as night vision and thermal sensitivity, as well as measuring and detecting signs such as breathing and leniency.

Contract Microsoft will have 2,500 HoloLens devices delivered in the first two years. "Reality technology will increase the decision making for more and better decision-making troops. This new work opens up a long and reliable relationship with our broad field," said Microsoft spokesman.

It is unclear how Microsoft should deliver the next HoloLens v3, or the original HoloLens as part of the new deal.

Microsoft's new contract with the United States Army has had a significant reaction.

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