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Move your family the main reason for starting out from some cities – and quickly

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Go green

Growing up in lesser environments have an improvement of 60% for later development of mental disorders, according to a research study carried out at the Aarhus University in Danmark, which grew in green areas, was published this week in the United States of America PNAS Magazine.

To this end, researchers saw Danish satellite imagery from 1985 to 2013 to find out about the green area of ​​children's homes. Then, by age, they analyze the risk of 16 mental disorders, excessive substance, OCD, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, depression and personality disorders.

Result: Those who lived in the greenery capitals had the greatest risks of mental disorders, and had a minimal risk in rural areas. In fact, they controlled the socioeconomic factors and mental history of mental illness.

In addition, when you are in the green areas of children in childhood, you better have good mental health odds.

"The growing risk of developing mental disorders is increasing over time with a green space of around 10 years," says Secretary Kristine Engemann, a postgraduate student at the Bioscience Department and the National Registry Center. Aarhus University-based research. "Green space throughout childhood is very important."

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Of course, this research does not prove causality. And you can live in a big city and live next to the green place. Studies helped your future mental health to be surrounded by the same green rhythm in rural areas.

This is not a primary education to improve the mental health of the green areas. The 50-minute nature of walking reduces anxiety and increases happiness, a new study published in the Landscape and Urban Planning magazine has been published and "exposure to nature" reduces the painful exhaustion and reduces feelings of irritability that it comes with. Report published on the environment and behavior.

In general, there is a large part of the evidence that connects the urban environments with mental illnesses. "Nearly more than a century's research has shown a higher risk for mental disorders of people living in urban and rural environments, according to research published in Epigenetics, analyzes the genetic origin of illnesses and health diseases.

So what about green meadows that promote health? It is not entirely clear, but scientists suggest that they allow us to physically change, different brain activity, reduce blood pressure and more.

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