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Mueller pulled his files to Russia, the "disinformation campaign"

A Pro-Russia The Twitter account has, to a certain extent, been accessed by public evidence gathered by Robert Mueller, and changed its modified versions as part of a "disinformation campaign". Mueller said on Wednesday.

Mueller's complaint was lodged on a new court Wednesday, Concord Management and Consulting, Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian firm against Vladimir Putin, a company attached to millions of people. Concord Management knows the Russian troll farm, the Internet Research Agency.

According to Mueller, "believers in different" defense groups "non-sensitive" "defense-proof" defense groups were posted online in an "outsourced campaign" (apparently) in the United States's political system to counter Russian interference. "Mueller did not change the information.

According to the court, on October 22, 2018, he created a new Twitter account @ HackingRedstone: "We have access to the consultant's database in the Mueller columns. Russian servers have hacked information on the Russian Troll case. Concord LLC v. Mueller Mueller IRA and Russia You can see all the files that you have had about conventionality. Enjoy reading! "

A tweet for a website linked to the "contest defense team", which was produced by non-public names and material file structure files, Mueller said.

Approximately 1,000 out of 300,000 files published in the online archives produced in the Concord Management discovery, he found the FBI.

Mueller said the FBI had "no evidence" that federal government servers or Mueller servers were "victims of any computer intruder". However, it was not clear how file-structuring information became public.

"The website's folder names and folder structure on the web page are substantially consistent with the names of the materials created and the compatible file structures that match the discovery in more than 1,000 files on the web, the people created by the Web have at least not been so sensitive to the government's findings in this case "he said.

According to a baseline, files were the image of Facebook's political memes and other social media accounts, as alleged by the courts in Concord, Russian news agencies of the IRA were redirected and redirected online. They were meaningless in defense, as Mueller says, but many of them are "available elsewhere on the Internet."

Mueller said Wednesday that the defense of Concord's executives on Wednesday, October 23, 2018 said that journalists' inquiries were "hacked in our case finding material," and the defense concluded that the peddling of "fraudulent" information was in Concord's 2014 hack.

Mueller said it was not possible and "

Mueller's Wednesday presentation responded to Concord's Management request to turn special advisors into "sensitive" information to be reviewed by officers and staff of the Russian company.

Mueller Group has condemned and said "the risks of national security of the United States of America are not reasonably right".

The court ruled in June 2018 that "unwanted, transported or transmitted" "national security, privacy, and law enforcement interests" are not stored in the United States as "designated" by the United States. "

Concord Management worked with three Russian companies and 13 Russians Mueller in February. Concord Management and IRA Concord Hospitality Manager, led by Prigozhin, questioning "Putin cook".

These three would be charged by Mueller, and they did not have the owners of the company, nor the Russians, who had no custody of the United States. It will never be.

In the meantime, Twitter has @HackingRedstone suspended because it violates its rules.

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