Sunday , February 5 2023

NASA engineers have re-created the 49ers touchdown celebration after landing on Mars


San Francisco 49ers could have been 2-9 this year, but this did not mean anyone.

NASA's InSight Plots After touching Marte's surface on Monday, two engineers, Brooke Harper and Gene Bonfiglio, celebrated with the bets known for lovers of 49ers.

Harper, a Chiefs fan, Markers Goodwin, and Kendrick Bourne took part in the celebration of the 49ers reception, after Goodwin won a touch against his Chiefs on Week 3.

"We learned that we were sitting in the control room, and we thought both of us would be entertaining," he said. "We saw something we liked from a previous game and we did mime".

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Bonfiglio, Patriots fan, said that he had taken some weeks to perfect it.

"We started practicing and we broke the movies about five or six weeks ago," he said. "We had to shoot in slow motion, we could see and break it."

InSight Landing is designed to drill Marte's surface to help scientists explore the interior of the planet.

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The sixth month came to Earth to reach Mars, and it was the first Earthquake art on NASA's curiously invented vehicle in 2012.

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