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No, scientists have not just proposed "Solar Sun & # 39; Stop Climate Change


Image: Johnson Space Center (NASA)

Yale and Harvard researchers released a new paper last week that the "sun-dimming" proposal against climate change was probably the most disturbed. They are a problem, these reports have been misinterpreted by the aforementioned reports, which has made no suggestion We are calling solar geoengine.

Instead, Wake Smith, Professor Yale and Associate Professor and Harvard Researcher, Gernot Wagner, wanted to calculate the cost of new methods of geoengineering. Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (UPS) Basically, the particles reflecting the sunlight are in the high ambient. The authors have confirmed that this strategy can be "the most innovative" to avoid global warming. The research was published on Friday Letters of environmental research.

"The focus of the paper is very different to informing the news," said Wagner, a Harvard Solar Geoengineering Research Program director, Earther. One of the greatest differences between what the report's coverage has done and what authors have written is the hypothesis that research is a viable solution to climate change.

"Solar-geo engineering is not a solution to climate change," said Wagner. "This is not directly directed to CO2. It has indirect benefits, but, in fact, this is one aspect. It just does not face the root cause."

The best way to think about new research is the fact that the proposed method is a factor that is highly controversial and potentially ruin, that climate change may be partially recipients The researchers proposed lofting of sulfate particles in the lower layer of the stratosphere at lower Earth temperatures and to determine the high altitude specialized aircraft, SAI Lofter (SAIL), which does not exist, would cost the most. An effective way to do this. This program would cost slightly more than $ 2 million every year over the first 15 years, and would "aim to cut half the temperature in the first year of the program".

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"It's a sharp paper trying to cost the solar panorama of solar geoengineering. We're doing all this," said Wagner Earther. "We're doing, I think, to really get real work into real numbers, especially when we talked directly about the aerospace and industry people trying to cost what is really hypothetical in this hypothetical scenario. This scenario of expansion would cost this."

The authors of the study, in terms of analysis, are described as "rapid, inexpensive and inexperienced" in many "solar geo-systems." However, they acknowledge the first point and current evidence, which translates the reports into a study by CNN, Daily Mail and others In the vicinity, writers write "They do not judge a judgment about SAI's will."

"We have been carrying out a hypothetical expansion program for 15 years, although they are very uncertain and ambitious, it would be technically possible from the engineering point of view," they write. "It would also be very cheap."

If the other point of view of the paper can be expanded with any technology that may be secretive, the authors warn that "the need for thousands of aircraft every year depends on an international array of medium-sized aircraft."

Wagner says research is an important step forward in the solar question about solar geoinjection, but other experts in this area have said that further research on the subject is paramount. If the effects of solar geosengineering are not fully understood, this method can be a potential feature of its effects.

"Genie is out of the bottle," Andy Parker, Sustainability Sustainability Studies Institute, in Potsdam (Germany), has published research on solar geosengineering, said Earther in March. "And I do not think it's about talking about it."

After releasing the second volume of the Fourth National Climate Change (you know the massive Federal Climate Change report that the Trump administration wanted to bury), it is clear that the potential impact of climate change could be inadequate in all aspects of life. And the report says its effects have been felt throughout the United States.

But mitigation of climate change is not easy or easy. On the other hand, any suggestion may be to spread the excess.

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