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Now Carlos Ghosn got Whacked

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Land sent to Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi to defeat Carlos Ghosn chief, Carlos Ghosn himself taking Tokyo from prison, Elon Muskek flies a lot, Volkswagen or Nissan is the world's largest automobile. and much more on The Morning Shift on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

Gear 1. Now Carlos Ghosn also said Got Whacked

Carlos Ghos, one of the most powerful businessmen in the world, sits in a prison in Tokyo without awaiting trial for financial shortages. But at the beginning, it was a rumor that he wanted to fully combine Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi. Now, it's an "alliance" since the company's Japanese forces have participated. commission Whacked, if you want.

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Was Carlos Ghosn Whacked?

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After all, despite the success of the alliance with the sales perspective, successful partnerships have not been successful, it is not a smooth sail. Japanese coaches do not like the French government's control over Renault, for example. And Nissan Renault's sales are significantly higher. One guy was largely holding this alliance, he felt. So when Ghost was arrested in Japan, he did not work on executing plans, of course, he asked whether or not he wanted to.

In an exclusive exclusion from Nikkei's Asian Review, Ghosn has said "undeniably" for Nissan's executive "betrayal and betrayal" results, against him, his two-related Japanese ally, against the deeper integration between Renault and Renault. "He did not mince words.


When he spoke on his first interview, since he was arrested by the Supreme Court in 19, he acknowledged plans called "Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors." Plans were discussed with President Niro Hiroto Saikawa in September, he added.

Ghosn claimed that he wanted to join Mitsubishi Motors CEO Osamu Masu, but "Saikawa wanted to be the only one."

When they were integrated into three automobiles, Ghosn wanted to make sure that he would have "an autonomous partnership corporation", he said, that this plan coincided with how he worked with the alliance in recent years.

Ghosn's allies sought Nissan executives to concentrate power under the leadership and called for the Tokyo Public Prosecutor's Office to cooperate.

Nissan's executives unexpectedly denied a blow to Ghos. As a temporary leader, the unsatisfactory payment of the Nissan-Mitsubishi joint venture, says the business bargain Khaled al-Juffali paid all the payments he paid for a home-made luxury homes. business lawyer and startup

"[Have I] done [something] inappropriate? I'm not a lawyer, I do not know how to interpret [such] events, "said Ghosn, showing the frustration of Nissan's internal research.

"They all know, why did not they tell me?"

Ghosn denounced the bond that escaped Japan. Full interview here.

2. Gear: At least Nissan-Renault Is No. 1, Sort Of

Never mind when your senior position is in jail, your chief manager was likely to say the fall of his sword to some extent, and your executive executives are being cleansed briefly. But! At least the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi peak was sold in vehicles in 2018, according to Automotive News:

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance sold 10.76 million light vehicles last year, more than last year, and the Volkswagen Group and Toyota's rivals outperformed sales results.

Nissan said on Wednesday it sold 5.65 million vehicles, a 2.8% year-on-year. Mitsubishi's sales increased by 18 percent to 1.22 million units, Renault sold 3.88 million units, 3.2 percent 3.2. A three-year alliance does not sell heavy trucks.

Many automakers increase sales volume to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs, including investments necessary to develop next-generation technologies, including self-contained cars and electric vehicles.

It has been the focus of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, to increase share of vehicles and reduce production costs to increase productive platforms, increasing profitability.

Congratulations! And good luck … other things.

3. Gear: VWren warns

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi has been a champion for light truck sales in 2018, but not just for heavy trucks. If you do so, Volkswagen has its MAN and Scania trucks division brands among its many brands – 10.8 million vehicles.

Still, VW does not cut words about 2019 challenges: lower sales, especially in China, in electrification, on floating markets, etc. Via Bloomberg:

VW and German BMW AG have warned of the challenges this year, due to the expansion of commercial swords, including those that are already boosting the global cooling economy. Lighter emission lighter regulations make manufacturers sell more than more expensive cars than incinerators. Tighten is already visible. Ford Motor Co. and thousands of jobs have been announced in Jaguar Land Rover per month.

"Every automobile manufacturer is taking measures to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment in different markets, with potential gains and cash-flow declines coming from the sale of new vehicles," said Fitch Ratings. That said, the companies included in this cycle phase are "better than last fall", according to a rating agency.

VW is committed to new models such as T-Cross, Seat Tarraco and Audi Q3, despite rising storm demand. The Audi premium-car brand, the largest non-profit donor, will start the first E-Tron electric model this year. The powered luxury sedan battery market has been dominated by Tesla Inc.

VW is particularly willing to issue billions in the coming years to prepare a lot of electricity.

4th Gear: Our Star Boy brings a lot of Skies

Apart from being the most visible and lightbulb of the automobile, Tesla Elon Musk takes a lot of time in many directions. Some of them are justified, the tweets that investors and the Securities and Commission Commission may sue. Some is overflowing.

Musk's airline travel critics. According to Washington Post, as well as being an anti-fossil fuel and climate change entrepreneur, private jet airliners take over more than a year ago, although Amazon has done it by Jeff Bezos. This gas is burning and a lot of carbon has been added to the atmosphere, and to a large extent they have paid for Tesla.

But now you are saying: "Oh, come on. Guy is a giant and growing global empire of the car. He must move. Are we really doing it?" Well:

Billela's executive was a great habit of traveling on private aircraft, automated teller machines that save millions of dollars in their portfolio, and in the past year they have reported thousands of employees, including the percentages of 7 of that month's workforce.


But Musk's avid timetable was reduced to a level of comfort and luxury but could be very scarce. Some airplanes were Musk or its family recreational outings, others, among other things, that the plane was moving from Los Angeles to Musk to help cut its trips.


But it also reveals a dynamic dynamism that is embedded in the world of renewable energies: in September, a few days before the so-called "marvelous experiments on human history" of fossil fuels, its plane flew a mile-mile stream of fuel to 300 kilometers from LA to Oakland so Musk could have a spectacular video game show.

Well …

But flight records show Musk's ongoing "overwhelming" annual void self-assessment. In a New York Times interview on Sunday, Musk said the 47-year-old Tesla stopped working on her "all night long – no friends, nothing," to flee her brother to Spain before getting ahead of the ceremony and to go straight to work again on the left .

The interviews did not mention that Musk left the ceremony on the Spanish coast and traveled to Northern Ireland. HBO's fantastic "Thrones de Game" episode he visited with his children and dinared at a pub in Belfast, according to local media reports. ("Belfast is beautiful," Musk tweeted after manned.) Musk announced three weeks after the trip that Tesla had about 3,500 employees or 9% of its employees as a reorganization called "difficult but necessary". "

(Nods slowly)

According to Tesla spokesman, Postek defended air travel, saying: "Until we can not teleport, unfortunately, it's not an alternative to make it work efficiently."

I get that. But maybe we all agree, is not it a fantastic look when big layoffs are happening?

However, more taxpayers.

5. Gear: Tacoma is not afraid of you

In recent years, medium-sized ones (they can not really be called "small ones") have worsened the truck wars, being a Chevrolet Colorado surprise and the new Ford Ranger likely to do such things. Toyota Tacoma markets the sale of virtually Nissan trucks on the market is negligible, but the competition is more daring than ever.

So along with the new 2019 refreshment, Tacoma can tell the competitors: I do not link with you here. Here you are locked with me. Automotive News:

Tacoma, 47% of the last year's measurement fees, ordered a low market share amongst the main vehicle segments. To compare, Tesla Model 3 achieved 71% of the total electrical segment last year, but Tacoma extracted a total segment of 50,000 units.

And all this was not enough proof of the dominance of Tacoma's dominance, the latest discoveries at found that Tacoma recognized the 86 percent name, among 1,460 new vehicle vehicles. measure collection

For one person, Toyota Motor North American top managers say they are welcomed by Ford and FCA in the segmental segment, where their advertising dollars are likely to be most likely in the segment.

"Every time you enter new competitors you want to be the best," said Toyota CEO Jack Hollis Automotive News last month We want all new competitors to continue looking for ways to improve and improve. It is part of Toyota DNA. "

We have always loved Tacoma around these parts, but has not felt like a bit of a rival in recent times. Let's see if Toyota can fix that, but Chevrolet sells TACOMS with less than two months' coverage of Colorados. Toyota is worried.

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