Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Olympic 2018 election polls, 3 charts

He has made email postings in California after winning candidates during the night. That was also the Arizona Senate race and House race.

After the electoral day, the CNN reported that democrats would like to meet the seats in the seats of 30 houses. Now it seems that all other homeless competitions, including 40, will be taken. The rest of the races, the 21st District of California, the Democrats T.J. Cox, this week, voted by the representative David Valadao.

It's true that democrats lost two seats in the Senate, picked up republican seats in Arizona and Nevada, but Florida, North Dakota, Missouri and Indiana seats were lost. However, the map of the defense of 10 seats that Donald Trump won in 2016 was promoted by the Republicans from the beginning.

They also received races of the Midwest governors, a critical area that lost Trumpera in 2016, and democrats-nominated Democrats were expected to win in 2020. Covered less will be more important in the state legislatures profits. Democrats still do not control the state chambers, but six thousand and 332 US lawmakers gather at least six states, according to the National Parliament Congress.

Another measure, though functionally absurd, is also a cause for happiness. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won more than 3 million votes in popular vote. Democrats overcame almost 9 million republics in 2018

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