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Overwatch Roster can use the rotation of the time, Hero Bans

In a new overwatch hero, Baptiste played 30 characters in the list. Blizzard does not guess the development of new characters and already has several concepts. But the studio has begun to use tools such as hero rotation or prohibition, although it does not help in the list management.

"We have the series of heroes we play, a series of ideas, a series of gameplay concepts," said Geoff Goodman, the main protagonist of the media that has taken part in GameSpot. "While people are overlapping, when we add other content".

This will eventually start the roster, which is because they are very large. Although the company does not have an immediate plan for the implementation of this particular problem, it has some options to tackle this problem.

"We talk about the amount of the duke [rotating heroes]- That's the reason why heroic prohibitions, heroic picks, things like that are linked to two kinds of the list, "said Goodman. At the moment there is no plan. The conversation is generated. If we get a large row that we get, we could do something like that, or perhaps at a competitive season. We talked fully in the debate; We do not plan Right now we do not like it in that sense, it seems that they have enough heroes. But if we get the point, if they feel too much, then we can do something like that. "

Baptiste is now available on the PC test server and will soon be sent to public service stations and other platforms. He is a fighter, with a triple firing rifle, and all the allies can not die for a short time. Its ultimate ability puts a window-like structure to damage or heal the project that it causes allies.

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