Tuesday , June 15 2021

Panthers despondent achieved hearts broken vs. Seahawks

According to Bill Voth's reporter Carolina Panther "after losing 30-27 with Seattle Seahawks, Panther's changing rooms – their own Aldagela was at the Bank of America Stadium all the time.

Pantera won the win. They had almost 500 net yard during the game. quarterback Cam Newton and running back Christian McCaffrey It was almost perfect with Newton with 25 25-meter 25 passages and two touchdowns and McCaffrey 125 rushing yard and 112 meters. He did not do anything yet: he was given extensive experience, without ability to take advantage of the red space opportunities, and the Pantheans lost 30-27. His playoff expects serious danger.

"To finish it, it's just a violent way," said the close end Greg Olsen after.

"He dies, he must be very close and he has not done any work," said the broad audience Jarius Wright.

McCaffrey was perhaps the best to change the locker room, when he was asked, this loss was particularly bad for others.

"Everyone stained,"said McCaffrey, as reported by Joe Person Athletic.

As expected, no one was more difficult than a quarterback Cam Newton. Associated Press by Steve ReedNewton continued to play in his room, with a head and a head on his face with his head: complete destruction.

Soon enough, Newton composed the season with his accessibility to post-game use and lost his team 6-2 and after 6-5 playoffs, as it stands, outside the post-season – and they could face reality as much as the football team they thought they were. be good

"Three weeks ago, I would say somebody (Panther would lose three guys), I would vote, but things happen and no one feels for us," said Newton. "We are opening a lot of experiences for other groups that could happen."

In fact, Panther does not play their fate any more while playing it (when the NFC is not on the south side), it is easy to study the different scenarios that Panthers currently have. They have fallen to return to the Wild Card card. Of course, the easiest scenario is to win Panther and win five straight. But that is not the scenario, because Panthers is a very good reception right now.

"We've got a lot [expletive] Before being worried about winning five games, "Olsen said. Guys (the media) worried about a game last week, and we did not win a game in three weeks. We need to win five.

"Everyone who is looking for the sun and what they say" We can overcome this group. We can overcome that group. We'll play at home. "We need to win, and we'll be able to do that," Newton said. "We have many capabilities and many potentials, but when I said before, the power has never done anything."

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