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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario – Hogs Haven

I made the last draft, based exclusively on Senior Bowl solutions. Well done, I wanted to do a simulation that brings together potential possibilities. I went abacklessly to a certain process of thought, and I wanted to make the sketches how to choose. I only used the clock standard and did not enter any commerce.

You can continue here with the sketch!


-But now I think three quarterbacks have been split between Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Kyler Murray. They are asking questions about these three and a bit higher than the first QB of the first rounds. As a matter of fact, three teams make up the team before selecting Redskins. It is also possible that slides give their questions.

Locke had a great success in the yard and the TD numbers, but the accuracy was not wanted. Seeing his games, you see inconsistency, burning in the fire, and others will let you down. That said, the talent of the arm is very large and may have a real franchise QB. It is likely that while it grows with it, it is something that manages something in the place where Redskins is located.


-With Redskins looking for creditors, if you're looking for a type of trick, Marquise Brown is the main option in this class. Brown is a dynamic receiver that can overtake it vertically and it has a great agility to turn the slants short and the screens into great games. Often often compared to DeSean Jackson, I see more Tyreek Hill or T.Y. In his game Hilton I think, while being small, is more than a deep threat.

Passing Brown Redskins would be an important addition to the attack and it would be a fantastic weapon for developing your brand new QB.


-Because it is listed as a center and this is its main position, Jenkins has the ability to train and LG's Redskins could be the beginning of the day. The center's ability is important and if Rouiller was injured, he could not move forward. Jenkins is a better blocker, but still able to run as a blocker.


-Ximines has been driving the ODU sack for four consecutive years, at level 33. Keeps the speed of the high speed on the edge so that it is a good start to the next level. It was a bit of a Big Bowl dimension (I think that's why I think it's the best of 3 RD's future), and it did not have to block its speed. I think that at the beginning you can enjoy the help of the morning training specialist. While Preston Smith does not completely replace it, it can bring a fair amount and it will go down the road.


-Layne began his career as a receiver in Michigan State, but changed to the defense of his early years. In the last two seasons Layne Spartara has begun. With 3 career interceptions, the coverage is robust and can fit into 6 "3" larger-sized receivers.

Although some are still under development, even though it's safe to size and size. Layne Redskins's future potential is a good future roundabout.


-Doss FCS receiver is very good and the size and speed are confusing. 6 & # 2; "Doss has a good size and shows leaping ability to play a high quality target and jump the ball. Doss shows a vertical attacking ability and gains a deep distinction. It would be surprising, as far as 4,4 is achieved.

The Redskins can only cast two WD places for the next two seasons: with Josh Doctson and Paul Richardson, so I would not be surprised when it's rounded up.


-Udoh was four years before he was never lost in the game of Elonen. It's a great physical fight like a 6-year-old and 330-lb offensive, and it has shown well with East West Game and Senior Bowl, the feet are heavyweight but the size and strength are real, Some forecasts believe that the guard may be better at the next level, with Redskins missing from the line's line, it's a good round-to-back goal.


Smithe started four years before the USC and directed Trojans in the last three years. It is very powerful in defensive defense, to fight against blocks and play. Its coverage capability is lacking, because it is a bit limited in the next level. Depending on the three options available, there is a bit of value in the number of LB support, which is a great deal for special groups.


I am a little indifferent to this class of drafts, just as many questions as I would like. Although I am not in the block-writing idea, I think that there is more of a project like this QB in this class. It's been 2-3 years before it really paid. The same is true with most other top-level options, but these questions will come true. Xmines and Layne have a great potential, but both are raw materials and may not be expected. Jenkins is clearly the best in the center, so while managing the guard position, it does not maximize its strengths.

Although I have done so, this sketch can be created from the beginning of Lock, Brown and Jenkins, with the fourth or fifth being potentially Xmines and Layne developed. This is very good, but of course, this class will live or die, what kind of locks it develops.

What do you think? How would you change this sketch? Do you think that Redskins Lock would need to be released on the 15th if they do not market it?

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