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[Review] Going "Day Goes" is dangerous, but it is eliminated

As a result of an angry and disturbed starter E3 2016, St. The man John Deacon tracked the huge army Freakers, making a large number of them through the environment and falling through. World War Z It's blush, reason means the answer Day gone In those years, it has been less enthusiastic.

Most of the relatives came to light Day gone It would be an adventure that will be open to the world, this genre's designation is immediately on the brain, lying on the brain with images of brain rejection, a bundle of content fillers, the most significant collections and other side missions.

There was no help there, as the days leading up to the launch were to come, they would realize that our worst fears would be realized. Day gone This exciting and horrific survival style of the zombie hordes passed with a double copper bolt, with pedestrians and, well, desperately regular.

As it turns out, Day gone He is very fond of and is given to all the structures of the world of gaming that is frequently practiced Watch Dogs to Red Dead Redemption 2but for the eyes of the mind it is not clear how many nuances it hides under its well-known lid.

Because of his sins, Day gone It's not a quick start. In fact, we take good-looking games with 10-15 hours because Sony Bend Studios really plays gear. Many people, with the weariness of the open world, may think it might be reluctant.

However, after obtaining the threshold of the game, Day gone He starts listening and hiding his hidden depths, and nowhere can this be better understood as the main group of Freak game antagonists.

Clearly, the creative work that Danny Boyle has had tremendously generous 28 days laterFreaker often has special nightmares as a mutation that causes some mortal tendencies in some interesting ways.

For example, in the game field of the Lost Lake map, it is not until the players are scared by Screamer – a particularly stunning variant of the Freaker standard, melancholy and broken song as a pioneer screaming ear. Next, the stars of Freakers will be taken to the player.

Also, the presence of the Breaker variant does not seem surprising; The basic zombie archetypes in games played since the start of the registries may not be expected in other world creatures. If you are dealing with a freak swarm and one of those prudences is close, you should not worry about his anger as soon as Breaker goes after the lesser Freakers, to escape from these wonderful revelations. .

Then the Horde itself is – undoubtedly Day goneAn attractive star and design party that effectively danced. Even if you open a horde in the opening minutes of the game, it will not be after a few hours that you will find a wild one.

With a great deal of explanation, if you meet them for the first time, you realize that their debut album E3 2016 was not too scary. True strength of nature, every Horde is a deadly engine that consumes everything that touches it. a violent and invasive flood of flames that causes toothpick and bloody eyes to overcome sharp eyes and tactical minds.

So it's totally refreshing when you destroy your first Horde – when using all kinds of tools, setting the path of escape and improvising environmental abatement points to damage damage to your affected areas. Day gone You feel like Hygrid with MacGuyver and Ricky Grimes among the well-known fiction of Kirkman.

And that's the thing, that handsome first hour you put it Day gone He will report this, that is, the game is completely unimaginable, without a doubt, the sum of the inspiration of the genre.

Day gone The slow burning of dark nights and mysteries is also extended to his storytelling. At first, it seems like a shriek, post-apocalyptic Bros-On-Bikes begins later on in a meditation on despair that was previously unnecessary. Day gone all the rest at the expense.

Day gone It's not perfect – this is not the conflict, but much like the tedious flesh-antagonistic group, the depth and sophistication hidden under hidden and well-known faces that demand its research. You have to put the time: the apocalypse will not end one day.

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